Asked on Sep 17, 2012

When is the best time to plant new shrubs and trees? What do we add to the soil when we plant?

Lana HoltDouglas Hunt


We just finished a new home in Clarkesville GA. which is in NE GA.
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Sep 17, 2012

    You are approaching a very good time for planting trees and shrubs in your area, EG. Temperatures have moderated, rain is more regular, and the soil will still be warm, encouraging healthy root development, for a long time. Before you do anything, you should have your soil tested by the University of Georgia's Agricultural and Environmental Services. This will tell you the pH of your soil, which will affect plant selections, and what type of amendments you need. For a comprehensive guide to soil preparation and planting, see this article from the University of Georgia, which includes a link to the soil test:

  • Lana Holt
    on Feb 8, 2015

    Any month that has an "r" in it.

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