How to Keep Soft and Fuzzy Things Soft and Fuzzy

Christmas time is coming where so many soft blankets and fuzzy slippers get brought out to help us stay warm. Check out this tip to make sure your items stay soft and fuzzy all year long!
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  • how to keep things soft and fuzzy, how to, laundry rooms
After years of getting fed up with soft things turning “scratchy”, I decided to experiment. Last year my mother-in-law got me a pair of soft white socks for Christmas and I was determined to keep them soft, I did.
  • how to keep things soft and fuzzy, how to, laundry rooms
Now when I have an item that I would like to keep soft and/or fuzzy like a super soft blanket my daugther received for Christmas last year, the inside of a sweatshirt, my daughter’s fuzzy PJ bottoms, fuzzy slippers, other pairs of socks soft, and more . . .
  • how to keep things soft and fuzzy, how to, laundry rooms
I don’t put them in the dryer . . .I have found that anything super soft, will stay soft if you don’t put it in the dryer, and hang it on a dry rack instead.

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      • Miriam I
        Miriam I Houston, TX
        on Nov 18, 2014

        I've struggled with this. Any tips for getting rid of the brittle air-dry effect?

        • Rea296619
          Rea296619 Cary, NC
          on Nov 19, 2014

          Works for me-- after soft, fuzzy item is completely dry, ( and it's good to do several of the items at same time) put them in the dryer on low heat with a slightly damp bath cloth or dish towel and turn on dryer for just a minute or two. Feels great to put those warm , soft socks on right then!

            • Maureen Beadles
              Maureen Beadles Enterprise, AL
              on Nov 20, 2014

              @Readeramm some dryers have a no heat fluff setting. I use it a lot when I want to fluff up bath rugs after letting them dry on a rack.