Asked on Sep 19, 2012

Does anyone have a solar LED super bright spot light that they can recommend for my problem area?

Wendy Zeimis-BaysaBecky (J) PKMS Woodworks


PROBLEM: End of driveway is complete dark in morning for HS bus pick-up (6:15am still completely dark here in Michigan). I can not run electricity down to illuminate the area (250 yards from house). I am having trouble figuring out what solar LED spot light will be bright enough and last all night to still be on at 6am. Does anyone have a super-bright one that they like or have assistance as to how to research one that will work?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Sep 19, 2012

    Do you have any type of Structure there? or is it just the end of the drive and the road? I set up an LED flood light on the side of my shed that shines toward the house. This light uses a GU-10 base and I set it up with a photo cell so it runs dusk to dawn. The light uses 3 watts. You could set up a small solar panel / battery rig and then use a native 12 Volt version of this bulb but all of that "equipment" would need to housed in something. What would be simple and Easy would be to give the kids a Flashlight...I have this Ryobi light that seems to last forever on a battery charge and is very powerful.

    does anyone have a solar led super bright spot light that they can recommend for my, lighting, outdoor living, my light on my shed
  • Wendy Zeimis-Baysa
    on Sep 19, 2012

    I do have a metal/hollow post (my hubby as a teenager was a rebel and 'borrowed' a 6' tall weighted stop sign). I buried the base many years ago and someone borrowed the sign portion from us, lol. I was hoping to find a LED equivalent to a 100-150 watt. The flashlight is a good idea, ty

  • Becky (J) P
    on Sep 19, 2012

    Family Handyman magazine last year talked about this motion detector....Mr. Beams. I considered getting it myself.

  • Wendy Zeimis-Baysa
    on Sep 20, 2012

    will look into it tomorrow,ty

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