MOMMA & 2 BABIES. PRETTY DULL HUH? I also discovered I had two of this statue but, since I got carried away with their makeover I forgot to take a pic so this one is a stand in. I'll get around to it later.
See the hole in the shell of the middle turtle? After gathering everyone up I realized how brittle and fragile they had become after years of being outside.
Adding lots of color - This whimsical family of turtles had such sweet expressions on their faces - they just begged to be BOLD!!
You can see the sunflower petals have broken on the back from years of exposure. I think all of these have earned a place of honor & safety on my deck. No more garden dirt for them.
ARE THESE CUTE OR WHAT??? Just look at those faces!!! Who said I have to be anatomically correct??
Again, some damage from being outside for years. I JUST HAD TO MAKE THEE GUYS DIFFERENT!
LAST BUT NOT LEAST - this was the first of the turtles I repainted. He's probably the most realistic - but who cares,
YEP - turtles & bunnies - gotta luv 'em!!

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  • TaniaC
    on Sep 30, 2012

    @Laurie B Whew! it's a good thing I let hubby pick it up then....Really!! you have to chop his head off UGH! that just seem way to gruesome to me... Hubby would have to do that too and My head will be facing in the other direction ...Thank you I will never go anywhere near a snapping turtle EVA!... Oh BTW your turtles are very cute.. Those are the kind of turtles I like to handle LOL!♥

  • Laurie B
    on Oct 1, 2012

    Yes Sharron, it is just the breed, purchased him from a breeder in Fla, Leida glad you enjoyed the pic's and Tania, yes, I know it is extremely gruesome but they are definately fierce creatures not one of my favorites for sure, but I wouldn't want any harm done to them unless I had small pets or children living in their setting.

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