Asked on Sep 20, 2012

liquid leaf

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has anyone tried the liquid leaf? i bought some to put on my homemade candlesticks that im making out of an old brass lamp and im wondering if it is going to look like the silver acrylic paint i already have. i dont want to open it if it does, it cost 5 bucks for a .75 fl oz jar! please answer asap. thanks
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Sep 21, 2012

    Is this like a real gold leaf? I have not used it but $5 might be a worthly gamble

  • Usually, a liquid "leaf" product is exactly that. . . small pieces of leafing in a clear suspension. That is why it may seem expensive. But, you will find it to be much more brilliant than any kind of paint product. Many of the Benjamin Moore stores carry a product called Modern Masters. They have metallic paints that I often use to simulate real leafing when cost is an issue. It is packaged in 8oz containers. Just be sure to get the OPAQUE color rather than TRANSLUCENT if you want it to appear solid silver. Also, quality metallic suspensions will act like the real thing. So, unless you apply a good top coat/ sealer it may tarnish and patina over time just like real metals do.

  • Amber
    on Sep 23, 2012

    thanks so do you think i should use it? i dont want it to look generic.

  • I'm not quite sure what you mean by "generic". But different application techniques can give many different looks. If you have a photo that will show what it is now and what shows what you want it to look like in the end, I can be more specific.

  • Julia Tyler
    on Feb 10, 2016

    Have not used gold leaf but have used "rub n' buff" which comes in many shades and have also used folk art paints to change lamp bases, candle holders, etc. Even redid a silver toned soap dispenser with a deeply etched pattern and just rubbed new color over it which left silver in the etched pattern...

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