Asked on Sep 21, 2012


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i hung a huge mirror in my bathroom after i painted it. when i hung it i used the plastic things you screw in to hold it on the wall. now i want to use adhesive to hold it on so i can frame it ,but im not sure if the adhesive will stick to the paint.
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  • You can use adhesive to fasten the mirror to the wall, However you must use the correct type for that type of use. Not all caulk, tar, and adhesives can be used on the back of the mirror. It is not a strength issue is it the glue causing the backing of the mirror to deteriorate ruining the mirror. Go to your local glass shop and purchase the glue that they use to hang mirrors. Your not going to find it in the big box stores. Ideally you should retain bottom clips at least to prevent the mirror from sliding down, unless it rests on the top of the counter in the bath. If your going to hand make your frame, you can design it to hide the clips which I suggest is how you do it. Perhaps using a thin plywood and nice wooden frame to insert the mirror into, then hanging the frame and mirror combined onto the wall with either tiny hidden screws or wire from the back. I am personally not a big advocate of using glue to hold mirrors on walls, Way to messy to remove later on if the mirror ever cracks or style goes out. I would rethink the way your doing this and try to keep hanging it then gluing it to the wall.

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