Now is Your Chance! 5 Bathroom Remodel "Musts" You Can't Leave Out

A bathroom remodel is a huge ordeal, and you would hate to put extensive time and money without getting exactly what you want and need. Take a moment to consider what changes you’d like to see in your bathroom, and take advantage of the remodel—don’t leave any important upgrades out! via Pinterest
Build an Open Shower
More people are building open showers that are spacious and easy to walk in and out of. If you have the space, consider remodeling your shower and tossing out the door altogether. You will no longer have to worry about soap scum or hard water stains on the shower door, and you’ll give the bathroom a more luxurious, modern look. For a spa-like experience, consider the convenience and appeal of installing an open shower. via Pinterest
Add Wallpaper to an Accent Wall
Instead of adding a traditional backsplash in the bathroom, apply wallpaper for a chic and high-end look that is currently trending. Consider using it on the same wall of the mirror and sinks to ensure that it works as one of the main focal points in the room. A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to infuse a little personality and create an accent wall that will instantly liven up the place. via Pinterest
Install a Raised Bathtub
To enhance the design of the bathroom and create a look that is unique and classic, opt for gutting your outdated bath and replacing it with a raised tub. The bathtub can sit in front of a window and enhance the aesthetics of the room for a look that will appear cozy. Whether you have young kids, or enjoy taking luxurious bubble baths, your bathroom redo is the perfect time to place the perfect tub in your new bathroom. via Pinterest
Build a Vanity
Most master bathrooms come with his and her sinks with a long countertop that can easily become cluttered with toiletries. Allow the space to become more functional by building a vanity in between the two sinks, and adding an upholstered stool. It will make the room more updated and chic for an addition that may increase your property value. Not only will a vanity provide you with more storage (clearing up counter space), but it is a great way to add color or personality to the room depending on the style you choose. via Pinterest
Add an Overhead Skylight
The lighting in the bathroom will determine the tone of the space and should be carefully planned for during the remodel process. Add an overhead skylight for an easy way to draw natural light in and enhance how bright and airy the room feels during the day. This is an easy addition for bathrooms that seem to feel dark and dreary due to a lack of windows. If there is no wall space for a window, let a little natural light in with a skylight. via Pinterest
The last thing you want is to spend hundreds on a bathroom remodel only to say, “I wish we had added a ____!” By taking a little extra time to examine your needs and the current functionality of the bathroom, you’ll end up with a look you will truly enjoy. The bathroom is one of the most frequently-used rooms in the home—don’t miss out on these remodel musts. The information for this article was provided by the professionals at Lang’s Kitchen and Bath.

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  • Eroque022810
    on Jan 4, 2018

    Whenever taking on a large budget remodel it is best to first ask yourself what irks you the most and then figure out why. If you tackle what really bothers you, even if it eats up half of your budget,you will not regret what you may have to put off or exchange later. I love a walk in shower,but I hate tile grout,so thank goodness for the new products out there that allow you to have to look and feel of tile but it's all faux. Yes I will never have another shower door again,just not worth the hassle. I would want 2 vents to really clear everything up fast. After all it is a master bath that I am speaking of although I would apply the same principles in all baths. If I have to clean them right. So I totally agree that a plan is the best way and if you have to do it and it can't wait then try to get your priority item in first especially if it has to do with the movement or addition of pipes and electrical. Good foundation is the best thing.
  • Nsh11880819
    on Jan 27, 2018

    Paint color
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