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Pallet Wood Christmas Trees

I had seen some Christmas Trees on Pinterest that were made from reclaimed wood and old pallets and I thought they were cute. I wanted to give it a go but wanted to add my own flare to them. The ones I had seen were just a little too plain Jane for my taste. So, using pallet wood, mod podge, napkins, buttons and some Wildflowers & Pistols Milk Paint I created my version of the Pallet Wood Christmas Tree :)
First, you will want to disassemble your pallet. I already had a few pallet boards available from a pallet I had torn apart awhile back. Then you will want to decide how big you want your trees. I decided I wanted my largest tree to stand about 3 ft tall. I cut the back of the tree (or the trunk) to size. Then I just laid out the other boards that would be the 'branches' and cut them in descending sizes.
Once I had all the boards cut to the size I liked I screwed each board to the 'trunk' using one and a quarter inch screws.
Then I grabbed my mod podge and napkins and applied them to a couple of the boards. I also dry brushed the remaining boards with Wildflowers & Pistols Milk Paint using Nancy and Lucile. Here you can see my step by step tutorial on how to use napkins and mod podge ---> http://wildflowersandpistols.com/blogs/news/17881935-how-to-use-mod-podge-napkins-on-furniture
Once I was done with that I used super glue to attach the buttons as 'ornaments' and to place the star to the top of the tree. You can purchase our milk paint here ----> http://wildflowersandpistols.com/collections/milk-paint
I absolutely LOVE the way they turned out! Now they have so much charm and that Wildflower & Pistols flare!
These are the perfect addition to my Christmas decor! :)
And just for fun.. Here is another set I made for a show I attended this last weekend. They were a huge hit! :) For a more detailed tutorial please visit my blog here ---> http://wildflowersandpistols.com/blogs/news/78165059-pallet-wood-christmas-trees

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