Who is guilty as charged, Ragweed or Goldenrod?

Someone is getting a bum rap!

Side by side blooming every year at the same time in early
fall, Ragweed and Goldenrod in harmony, like clockwork. Every year my allergies
rage full of sneezy glee, with one of
them up my nose. Every year one of these plants gets an unfair and unmerciful
bad reputation by mere guilt by association. (Just goes to show that 'try not
to hang around with disreputable peeps' is good advice from your mamma). So you
can sound really up on your allergy producers, when someone complains about the
Goldenrod you can say
The pollen from the Goldenrod is very heavy and sticky and
can't be moved by a breeze like the ragweed pollen. It is designed to 'stick'
to pollinator insect. Unless you rub your nose in the goldenrod- it is too
'big' or 'heavy' to get in your nasal passages. So enjoy the beauty of the
bright yellow Goldenrod, keeping your nose out of it (more good mamma advice).
There is even a dwarf variety that you can incorporate into your landscape for
some beautiful fall color. Just avoid that raggy looking mess of a Ragweed and
enjoy your fall. Happy Planting!
Ragweed and Goldenrod.

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  • Wendy Aycoth
    on May 6, 2013

    Actually the Ragweed is the culprit for allergies, but the pollen of Goldenrod is sticky, so it collects the flying pollen of Ragweed.

  • Stephen Andrew
    on Oct 2, 2013

    I love goldenrod. Without a doubt my favorite wildflower.

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