Does Size Matter For Kitchens?

Does a kitchen have to be big to be beautiful? Can small kitchens satisfy? We think that beautiful kitchens come in all shapes and sizes! Here is what REALLY matters: 1. It's not the size, it's the functionality! Create a kitchen that functions for You! When remodeling an Atlanta kitchen, we consider everything from the families' shopping habits to the chefs' heights to ensure we create a space that works for the family that lives there! 2. Proper landing and prep space and adequate/comfortable traffic flow are possible even in smaller kitchens. If you don't entertain and prefer a smaller kitchen, there is nothing wrong with that! 3. If resale is a consideration either now or in the future, factor that in to all your kitchen decisions when you remodel. Whether you love big or small kitchens, consider the opposite point of view to ensure some universal appeal if you'll need to sell your home in 5 - 7 years.Questions about kitchen remodeling? Ask away! Or visit us at
An AK Kitchen -
Small But Beautiful!
An AK Kitchen -
An AK Kitchen -
AK AK Kitchen (Just Finished!) -

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  • Shirley Hendrix Weber
    on Mar 8, 2015

    I did not see any small kitchens in the pictures above, not everyone has a large kitchen nor any other rooms like the new house not everyone lives in a 2 thousand foot home , it has become very hard for those of us who live in home built in the 50 an 60 that are average size of like 12 square find furniture an other things that is smaller sized like in the past. I see things saying make your small bathroom look bigger an when I see the picture it is the size of my bedrooms some the size of my livingroom, I am sick of this do something for the real smaller size areas in the homes

  • WilshireHomes
    on Nov 27, 2015

    Actually the size of the kitchen depends upon the cook. The cook should feel comfortable, whether the size of the kitchen is small or big. If a cook is expert in cooking, he/she can be comfortable even in small size kitchens.

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