Asked on Sep 27, 2012

has anyone used wood flooring on their walls?

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Current wood floor panels are much more attractive than old 70's paneling. Thinking about putting it behind chairs in family room. Kitchen pass-thru wall; would put up to the bottom of pass-thru. Would you put vertical or horizontal?
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  • 3po3
    on Sep 28, 2012

    I guess I would put it vertical, but I'm not sure how fashionable it is these days. I would just be worried about resale value with wood floor panels on the walls. I know it would deter me from buying, but I guess I haven't see the new panels you are talking about.

  • Nathan
    on Sep 28, 2012

    Sheila- I work for an architectural millwork company that does a lot of work in casinos and hotels and I can tell you that wood flooring applied to walls and ceilings is very popular right now. Most applications we see are horizontal. If you want something very cool check out some of the flooring products from DuChateau Flooring . It is a little more expensive ($8/SF) but is a beautiful product. Good Luck.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Sep 28, 2012

    one of my clients is currently having his designer install a engineered flooring product on one wall of his living room. It is going in horizontal...when I was there last week it was a bit over half complete and was looking pretty good.

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