Asked on Sep 28, 2012

any one successfully painted laminate faced kitchen cabinets?

JudithWoodbridge Environmental


My question was prompted by Brenda M.s outstanding post.
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  • There have been many successful attempts at doing this. And most likely just about the same amount of failures. One must remember, paint needs something to adhere to. A laminated surface is typically not a material that accepts paint well or provides a surface in which the paint material will "bite" into the surface making it more durable. So the difference between one and another is the product used, but more important, the quality of the prep that is applied prior to putting the finish on. Remember even though the surface you would think does not get that much abuse, you would be wrong. The cabinet doors, faces, drawers and interiors probable are more abused then many counters are. .People simply forget the amount of wear and tear they get with slamming doors, bumping of pots n pans, scrubbing because of spills and grease. So choose a good quality finishing product and spend a lot of time prepping the surface carefully so what ever it is that you end up using will last for many years.

  • Judith
    on Mar 27, 2015

    Whenever you find out how I would love to learn. My white laminate cabinets are crying out for a face lift.

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