Opinions on teal blue and brown color palette

Just a couple of years ago I pretty much finished my living and dining space. I thought. My living room is a medium cream color with teal and brown drapes, a teal and brown rug and the sofa and loveseat are cream. The dining space is teal on the wall half way down with cream wainscotting. My question is, is teal outdated? In a lot of the decorating mags it appears that white and light colors are in now.
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  • Lee Cunningham Green Lee Cunningham Green on Dec 02, 2014
    Fads even with furnishings come and go and of course magizines want to introduce you to the next big thing coming "into fashion" but if you enjoy your space rather than redoing the entire pallet, why not punch it up a notch with some added richer colors and patterns in your throw pillows or wall decor? .. you can lighten and brighten a room with out changing everything.
  • Patti kelley Patti kelley on Dec 02, 2014
    Thanks for your input Lee I'll consider some different wall decor.
  • Patti kelley Patti kelley on Dec 02, 2014
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.
  • Shira Shira on Dec 03, 2014
    I am not a fashion expert but I love teal, it has a way of adding interest and life in a majestic way...as Lee said fads come and go but you need to love your living spaces. If you feel like you need an update, shake things up a bit or make a big change but don't do it because it's the "thing to do". If you would like some decorating ideas (small or large), post a picture and the Hometalk community will give you their insight and advice. Good luck!
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Dec 03, 2014
    I love teal, too. If you just want a change, try a lighter or darker version. I would reverse the colour in the dining room with teal on the bottom to help ground the space. You could also add accessories in a dif colour such as raspberry, etc.
  • Katherine Katherine on Dec 03, 2014
    My daughter is changing her decor to teal and creams and a light pastel blue in the new year and if we changed every time a magazine showed us something new we would spend our entire life changing costs too much . If you're happy with it stick with it a little longer.
  • Dessi2026 Dessi2026 on Dec 03, 2014
    Or you could add some sparkle, mirrors etc. This would upgrade it a bit I think. And I do love teal and brown :)
  • Patti kelley Patti kelley on Dec 03, 2014
    Thanks to everyone for responding I hope post a pic soon.
  • Andrea R Andrea R on Dec 03, 2014
    Nothing is "out" if you love it. I love that color scheme,and if you want to spice it up with some pops of color,you would be surprised at how cool pops of orange and yellows and bright greens can add an interesting spin on it
    • Gladys Gladys on Dec 05, 2015
      @Andrea R You are so right. Get out a color wheel and get inspired to express your individuality. You'll invariably find you are ahead of some upcoming trends anyway.
  • Lisa Duenne Lisa Duenne on Dec 03, 2014
    I love Aqua, turquoise & teal! I also shop my own house when I want a change. I use the teal colors as the base or primary color in my living room. Then I add different colors to accent. I have dark taupe on walls, brown leather couch, loves eat, & club chair. I have used the following colors to accent: Pink & teal; red, yellow & teal; Granny Smith green & teal. So far. Accents used: throws, pillows, candles, picture frames, bling pieces, etc. like i said, I shop my house for all accents because they all have different base colors.
  • Gladys Gladys on Dec 05, 2015
    Colors don't get outdated. People may change their minds, but retailers put out the message that something, e.g. a color, a style of furniture, etc., is "out" so consumers will pull out their wallets and make a change. I was taught that the first rule in design is: Forget All the Rules...do what You want and appreciate. Maybe you just need an accent color for pillows, tableware, lamps, etc. Look at a color wheel for inspiration.