Repurposed dresser

Tania Crawford has prompted me to post - she had a wonderful piece she posted here and I took it for inspiration. Decided tonight that we should add more boards to the back - reclaimed from the fence we replaced last year. So here it goes - thanks Tania for the inspiration - more photos when we have the back done.
This is the very inexpensive but ugly dresser I found to try to achieve a rendition of Tania's inspiration.
side view
another view
still another
I scraped some paint away to see what I had to work with - not great but not bad.
Almost done, thought I was done but decided tonight to add painted reclaimed fence boards to the back so more to come.
The floor of the bottom shelf is from the fence we replaced last year.
Top view - yes that is my car in the background.
Back view - this is where I will - or should I say hubby will be, as he is the carpenter in this project - anyway they will be added.
Side view
Another front view. - Oh my this is my first post. This piece is replacing a smaller old dresser we keep our dish cloths, tea towels and office supplies etc. in. So now I already have plans to refinish that one for our master bath!

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