Asked on Sep 30, 2012

New Brick Planter

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Thought we'd give this a try! This is our first attempt to lay brick and mortar. there is a thin white film on the brick - any suggestion for getting it off? (we still have the cap to do, but cutting brick takes time)
Prep and leveling base
First Course
its just a short planter - the cap will create one more course high.
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  • You could try to acid wash the front of the bricks. This may remove the film of the mortar that got on the front of the bricks. Normally brick contractors brush off any cement that gets on the brick before it dries. But for a first try, not to bad. Just be sure you wear goggles, and long gloves. Using Muriatic acid and a good stiff brush wash it on and scrub off the film. Be sure to wet the sidewalk down with a hose as well as the grass surrounding the walkway before and after cleaning the brick. Do a very small spot first to assure that this will work and not change the front of the brick. That wall should use less then a half gallon of acid to clean up. Just be careful when doing it. also be sure to fill those holes in the brick with cement before you cap. If water fills those holes and it will even with a cap installed. They can freeze and split the bricks.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Oct 2, 2012

    You could also seal the inside of the planter box with a foundation sealer...this will reduce the chance of efflorescence once you start using the planting bed.

  • Sarah T
    on Oct 2, 2012

    Thanks for the advice. We still have a cap layer, to put on top, and that will fill the holes.

  • Acorn Ponds & Waterfalls
    on Oct 2, 2012

    Nice job Sarah and great advice given by Woodbridge and KMS.

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