When Mother Nature Attacks!

The photo here shows what we found at a clients home the morning after straight line winds came through with a strong storm. She called us and said " I think a few shingles blew off my roof!" While this is an extreme example, and surpasses a quick repair, it does highlight that the roof of a house is a hardworking system that must withstand the brunt of Mother Nature. This means that a roof inspection is an important preventative step, and when completed regularly, will help ensure your roof is ready to withstand the elements. Here are a few steps..
1. Inspect the roof for loose and broken shingles, wear, debris, and damaged flashing (especially at plumbing penetrations and the chimney). Use a spotter for safety when using a ladder, and also try using binoculars if you want to avoid getting on the roof. A roof professional can also be brought in for a more thorough inspection.
2. Inspect the roof and framing from inside the attic. Look for water staining, holes, broken framing, and mold.
3. Check the roof for moss and mildew. If present (many times on older roofs with shady north facing slopes) then using a powerwasher to clean is not recommended. First remove the bulk with a broom or brush, then apply roof mildew cleaner to the area. Again, use proper safety precautions.
4. Check gutters for debris, loose areas, sagging, cracks and failed joints. Add gutter hangers where needed and also apply gutter caulking to the joints where needed. Make sure to clean well prior to applying sealant.
Straight line wind blew off a whole section of this roof

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