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DIY Dog Gate From a Bench - A Tutorial

A week ago I got sick of our temporary gate that we keep at the bottom of our stairs for our cocker spaniel (similar one here). We wanted a gate there to keep her from going into our daughters room and finding those tiny Barbie shoes and what-not and chewing them to pieces. We are nervous that one day she just might swallow one of those bad boys.
Every time that I go upstairs, I have to climb over it because I don't feel like removing it and latching it back. It has become an Olympic sport, climbing over that gate with a basket full of laundry and not falling over it and breaking my neck.
So, we took a trip to Lowe's and purchased some wood to get started. But when we came home, I decided to clean out the attic and realized that I had this bench that I wanted to get rid of. Well duh...I could use the wood from our bench and save a few bucks on materials!
My husband some measurements and he gave me the nod that means my bright idea would work.
We removed the top of the bench and used the remaining parts to construct our gate.
Parts (1 & 4) were used for the main pieces to the gate and parts (2 & 3) closed the gaps to each side of the gate. We cut parts (2 & 3) in half to use on both sides of the main pieces as you will see below.
We screwed the pieces together using 3" screws and filled with wood glue. Once the gate was constructed, we gave it a good sanding and primed and painted it using Rust-Oleum's gloss white spray paint.
We fastened the two main parts of the gate with simple hinges that we also spray painted using Rust-Oleum's flat black paint, which gave the hardware a nice matte finish. The remaining hinges were fastened into the wall (in a stud of course) and to the front side of the gate.
Pretty simple and it serves its purpose.

To see more: http://thehousemadehome.blogspot.com/2014/02/diy-dog-gate-from-bench-tutorial.html

Ask the creator about this project

  • Donna Wright Graver
    Donna Wright Graver Lorain, OH
    on Dec 8, 2014

    Wow nice job and what a great idea

  • Sherrie
    Sherrie Nixa, MO
    on Dec 8, 2014

    Great great idea! Two baby gates tied together just isn't doing the job! Borrowing this!

  • Tracy She'saBrikhouse
    Tracy She'saBrikhouse Canada
    on Dec 9, 2014

    I just worry about the gap in between the "rails", seems like a small kid's head could easily get stuck in there. Might be a good idea to add a couple of cross bars or another slat in the middle of the gaps.....other than that it's a great re purpose.

    • Gail Salminen
      Gail Salminen Canada
      on Dec 10, 2014

      @Tracy She'saBrikhouse actually it looks like the slats are too far apart for that to happen. I think a child would be more apt to crawl through it, so would my dog. But you raise a good point - if children are in the house or apt to visit the slats should meet code - match those that are on the slats of a staircase. Lots to think about on a DIY project. This is a great project!

  • Robin Mericle
    Robin Mericle Bullhead City, AZ
    on Dec 9, 2014

    I like this but think a kid could put their head in there and get stuck. And looks like the dog might get through it too. I would take a piece of plexiglass or maybe even chicken wire to make it more solid so babies dont get stuck and dogs cant get trough. But its avry good idea . very clever

  • Dianaflo55
    Dianaflo55 Pensacola, FL
    on Dec 9, 2014

    Great idea but be very carful climbing over baby gates I fell and broke both my elbows because of them

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