Asked on Oct 5, 2012

can this vinegar/dish soap solution work on acrylic walls/tub?

SherrieKMS WoodworksMary Insana


i have acrylic overlay on my tub/surround. will this solution scar the acrylic?
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  • Mary Insana
    on Oct 5, 2012

    I would probably use vinegar and baking soda to be enviormentally friendly but as you can see you after you look at the site I have at the end of this post you can just about use anything to clean it. If there's not a big soap scum buildup I'd go with something mild and maybe a Mr. Clean eraser type sponge.Here is a list of approved cleaners for Bath Fitters acrylic overlay installers You can also check with whomever installed your overlay.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Oct 5, 2012

    Keep in mind a "magic erasure" is a comprised of Melamine which is quite abrasive.

  • Sherrie
    on Oct 23, 2015

    I also wouldn't use vinegar it is a weak acid. And acid breaks down a lot of things and to me is the worse cleaner ever because of how people use it or crazy recipes. If you want a natural cleaner use dish soap and rinse but it also won't get rid of hard water build up. If you dry every time you use your shower or bath tub it will prevent hard water build up. Natural is sometimes over rated. There are simple good cleaners that clean and disinfect without damaging. the key is making sure it rinised off...if you don't rinse the cleaners it will build up quicker.

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