Asked on Oct 5, 2012

how to keep a mirror from fogging up in the shower

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My mirror fogs up in the shower. How can you keep it from fogging up?
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    on Oct 5, 2012

    I always used shampoo or liquid soap. Rub it on the mirror until it appears gone. It keeps it from fogging up. My husband always bragged on his fog-free mirror. Cheaper than buying the fog free kind. Good luck! Rebecca

  • Shower with cold water! lol :D

  • Jeanette S
    on Oct 6, 2012

    Jason! Behave!

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Oct 6, 2012

    You need to remember you basic science lessons as to what causes the mirror to fog up. When humid warm air reaches a cool surface Condensation forms. A bit like the drops on the outside of a tall glass if iced tea. either reduce the temp and level of humidity by cooler showers and ventilation, or increase the "dew point" temp of the mirror itself. You can get after market mirror heaters for this

  • Ellen H
    on Oct 6, 2012

    Rain-X Anti-fog (sold in the automotive department of WalMart). I apply it every time I clean the mirror in the bathroom.

  • DC
    on Apr 12, 2016

    Apply shaving cream to the mirror then wipe off before showering. Works on the inside of car windshields too.

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