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I have an easy way to save your geraniums from year to year. In mid September to early October cut back geranium and place container in a large garbage bag in your garage or cool basement for the winter months. When temperatures start to climb up and there is no threat of frost remove plastic bag and place in sun. Saturate with water until you see water coming out of the base of plant. If temperature drops
5th year and going strong!
5th year and going strong!
how to save and store geraniums, flowers, gardening, how to, storage ideas
This is how the geranium looks after the long winter. It has already started to get green in early March.
how to save and store geraniums, flowers, gardening, how to, storage ideas
Getting ready for winter. Cut back plant well making sure to leave some of the plant green leaves on.
how to save and store geraniums, flowers, gardening, how to, storage ideas
Cut back a bit more.
M. J.

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  • Djb28664511
    on Aug 2, 2017

    will the same apply for fusia

    • Merilyn Parsons
      on Oct 7, 2018

      Hi! I've kept fuchsias over winter in the state of Wa. 1st time, was a mistake..left it half under the carport under a water downspout, so it got water.. it was double the size of previous year with lots of blooms! Since then, have kept under prop up row boat against the garage, so it protected from frost; watering once a month or so.. I cut it back some and it usually keeps for a few years

  • Do you seal the bag shut and do you want at all through the Winter?

  • Marze Baquera
    on Nov 15, 2018

    is this only for outside geranium ..i have my geranium inside.. do i have to trim this one too.... i didnt knew you store geranium on winter....i was surprise

    • M. J.
      on Nov 15, 2018

      Usually geraniums rest through the cold months but if yours are doing well inside no need to trim unless they are getting to wild. Then cut back.

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  • Jean
    on Sep 16, 2018

    I have done this for years. Works for gerbera daisies also.

  • Micki
    on Oct 11, 2018

    First time haveing this striking plant it was a gift from a friend it was actually nearly dead when I got her. I just cut all the dead leaves off all of the bad stuff as well. Let it dry out for 2 weeks then gave it a dose of miracle grow and water. And oh my gosh she bloomed into this. Here it is October dead of winter and she’s full of blooms. But becouse Colorado gets snow i brought her inside. She’s still in full bloom so my question is should I cut her down let her rest or should I let her rest on her own.

    • M. J.
      on Nov 15, 2018

      I just got your message so I think you probably will be fine the way it is. Just make sure where you bring it in to is not under 40 degrees. I usually cut it back to at least a foot or two. Leave it in my garage and sometimes water it once during the resting season which is until April in my area. I then take it out and water it thoroughly but if temperature goes down to freezing in it comes until consistent warm temperatures. Good Luck. M.j.

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