Asked on Oct 5, 2012

"Palmetto Bugs" in my attic

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Hello: Crawling around the dark recesses of my attic checking for leaks in a rain storm I saw 2 "Palmetto Bugs" in my attic. They weren't hiding or anything, one was on the wall and one on the bottom of the roof (it's a very high ceiling, contemporary attic). Come to think of it, the cats occasionally find one around the closed-for-summer fireplace. How to get rid of them safely? I saw roach pellets in the store, should I scatter some of those around hidden corners? Or spray the outer recesses of the attic? Thanks!
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  • Shari
    on Oct 5, 2012

    Boric acid is a natural bug killer that is also safe around pets. People often spread it in their yard and on their carpet to kill fleas. Sprinkling some around in your attic should also kill the palmetto bugs (aka American cockroach). You might want to check any cardboard boxes you have stored up there too. Roaches love boxes.

  • Few things you need to do to address these critters. You need to figure out how they got into the attic and seal it off. damaged screens. If you found them around the fireplace, put a screen on the top to help keep them out. Cut the grass and shrubs that surround the house. A deep type of cover will attract them closer to the house. So lots of ventilation around the home. These bugs are looking for food. Be sure that you keep the kitty food plate clean and do not leave food out. Scrub the kitchen clean every evening. Toaster needs to be clean as well. Garbage can needs to be sealed tight and disposed of and stored away from the house. Baits that have poison should not be used around a house that has cats. Unless your sure that the cat will not get to it, and the insect after it has consumed the bait. The less food and water in the house that is available to them will make them go after bait sources better. Boric acid will work, but the house must be dry. Areas of high humidity will render the dust useless. Mouse glue traps work well. Roach traps do not. If you have a cat, be sure to place these traps in areas that they cannot get to. Or cover them with a cardboard box with holes in it for access by the bugs. And then weigh the box down so the cat does not turn it over. Place a small cap of water and put some bread crumbs in the center to attract them. If your really concerned. a professional exterior treatment is necessary. To remove them, a vacuum will do the trick. Just be sure to seal the throw away the bag once you go hunting.

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