Asked on Dec 18, 2014

Make ugly porch look good



Please help. My front and back porches are so badly stained, is there an easy way to paint them with some type of design that is not too hard and not too expensive.?
This is just a stain on back porch.
This is another stain.
And another stain
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  • Janis Hill
    Janis Hill
    on Dec 18, 2014

    You have options! You can clean and stain it, you can do an acid stain or you can paint it. I would go with acid stain. Instead of providing links to each individual video here is a link that shows the various options.

    • 861650
      on Dec 19, 2014

      @Janis Hill I really like the website you suggested. And, staining appears the best way to go. Thanks for the info.

  • Tracy Williams
    Tracy Williams
    on Dec 19, 2014

    You can get the plastic molds like that you would you use to make pavers & use them as stencils. Bricks, cobblestones, etc & either paint or stain-

  • Bettyann Alvino Richards
    Bettyann Alvino Richards
    on Dec 19, 2014

    You can paint it get creative too and tape off patterns and use different colors

  • Dale
    on Dec 19, 2014

    Outdoor carpet?

  • Karen Hustus
    Karen Hustus
    on Dec 19, 2014

    We just redid our porch. First I filled in all the cracks with concrete filler. Then I used a waterproof concrete floor primer and then used deck and porch paint to paint the entire surface. After the initial sealing and painting is done, you can tape or stencil any design you would like over the top.

  • Debra
    on Dec 19, 2014

    I had a similar porch. You need 4 items! I bought 2 different color porch paint, wood grain tool, and I used 4 inch board that was laying around. Painted with one color after dried went back through and wood grained. Then used board and permanent marker to make look like boards. It turned out great!!!!

  • Liz Evans
    Liz Evans
    on Dec 19, 2014

    I had a product called Restore put on on my porch to prevent falls when it is wet or icy. It's like at rubberized product, is easy to apply with a roller and comes in a multitude of colors'

  • Nancy Jenkins
    Nancy Jenkins
    on Dec 19, 2014

    Maybe try CLR, seen them use it on cement on ads.

  • CK
    on Dec 19, 2014

    As one professional painter told me "Cement and paint are best friend". You can easily prime and paint it with porch and floor paint.Once you have your base coat down, you can put on stencils or any other designs.

  • 861650
    on Dec 19, 2014

    Personally, I would stain it!

  • Nails504
    on Dec 20, 2014

    There is stuff called concrete stain that would make it look awesome, but it takes some work.

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