Can I get some opinions on a Christmas gift for an 8yr old girl.

I don't have much money this year to spend on Christmas for my 2 nieces and 1 great nephew. I've always bought a lot for them since I don't have kids and they're like mine and love that new baby. Anyway,I've been thinking of making something for the 8yr old room. I have a lot of cans and bottles and can get some paint. She likes to draw,write. Has tons of markers,crayons,glue,etc. She does try to be a little crafty herself. Any ideas.
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  • Rosie Rosie on Dec 18, 2014
    I think little girls like makeup, it doesn't have to be expensive. Maybe some of your clothes they can play dress up, some old costume jewelry. Try it, may be their favorite gift

  • Susie Susie on Dec 19, 2014
    We have put together a sewing kit for my niece - same age - just a pretty covered box (shoe box and wallpaper); some needles, pins, various bright coloured threads and buttons, scissors and a pretty pincushion. Then we asked friends to donate fabric samples from their stashes! She can make dolls clothes! It will be something you can do together or she can do with her mum, and it passes on valuable skills.

  • Brenda Specketer Brenda Specketer on Dec 19, 2014
    Books are always good. If you sew, you could get an inexpensive doll and make some clothes or a blanket.

  • Jen R Jen R on Dec 19, 2014
    For her room: what about a canvas with either her name or her first initial(s) in a fun font and could be either painted solid or a design to match her style/room. You could do for her or as an activity together. With the cans/bottles, what about some sort of organizer. Either for makeup as suggested or her art supplies. If you do a search I'm sure you will find many ideas, here is just one:

  • Alison Hing Alison Hing on Dec 19, 2014
    If you can crochet, maybe you could make a doll for her. There are loads of patterns available on the net for all kinds of different ones. Does she have a favourite movie? I made 2 recently for a little girl who loves Frozen.

  • Julie Julie on Dec 19, 2014
    My 8 year old self would have loved to spend an afternoon with my Aunt planning what color I would like my new room to be in, AND helping to paint it. Once she picks a color....perhaps you can sew some cute pillowcases to match? They are so easy. Not sure how much you want to spend, but some Walmart paint and fabric on sale wouldn't be too bad (as long as your brother or sister don't mind getting the room painted?.)

  • Irene Irene on Dec 19, 2014
    Go to the dollar store or drug store and by things for a manicure. Nail polish( nice colors for A 8 yo) Nail file, polish remover, cotton balls and a cute little box to store everything.

  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Dec 20, 2014
    @Kletta I think Irene has a good idea. They also have various crafts there that you could choose as well. With a promise to meet for a manicure and craft session I am sure any little girl would be thrilled!

  • I work with kids in that age group helping them learn to love food gardening. Why not turn the cans into mini flower pots or pop a herb like chocolate mint in? The bottles could be decorated as an outdoor game of skittles. I've got heaps more low cost upcycling ideas on my Pinterest board for kids &

  • Kletta Kletta on Dec 22, 2014
    Thank you everyone for all the good ideas. I' still deciding what to do. I better hurry,have 3 days.LOL..I'm sure she will love whatever I decide. Going to check out the links you provided also.