Deer Me Poll! What have you used to deter the deer?

Several years ago back in the day; I was a grower for a small nursery. It was late summer when we had just transplanted our fall pansy crop and had them on open field pads to grow. I go into work on a crisp beautiful morning to find that deer had grazed our crop, pulling the baby pansies up by their oh so tender heads, stepping and trampling, and crushing. For the next week the same story, to the tune of about a $10,000 loss. We consulted our local county extension guru, who gave us a plan of action. We strung electric fence wire about waist high around the parameter of our crop. Then following his instructions, we painted PEANUT BUTTER on the fence (not charged of course) with a Popsicle stick. (Whoever was late for work or other work infraction got the duty of painting peanut butter on a warm day on a wire with a stick, fun fun!). At night we left the fence on charge. His explanation? The deer are attracted to the smell of the peanut butter and will try to lick it, get a jolt on the inside of the very tender mouth parts which would deter them from the pansies. It worked! This time of year when people ask me what they can do to protect their precious pansies from the zombie deer attacks I always think of the story. There are all sorts of desperate ideas to deter the dastardly deer ranging from infant formula to urine, to movement activated water squirters. I even saw a 'drone' device! Do you have a tried and true tested formula for deer combat? I would love to hear what has worked for you.
deer me poll what have you used to deter the deer, fences, pest control, pets animals, Yes this is me trying to rake the front display bed with the help of a very obnoxious deer A few years ago
Yes, this is me trying to rake the front display bed with the help of a very obnoxious deer. (A few years ago!)

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