What to do with that old piano ....

"There is Music in Water, if You Stop to Listen"
We were looking for something different for our display at our local home show.
We wanted something that would be beautiful and turn peoples heads but it had to fit in what we do and it had to have a message...
We began our search for an old piano shell. We wanted to take an old piano that had lived out its life providing beautiful music and give it a new
Piano Waterfall
Piano Waterfall

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  • Noahlady
    on Jan 12, 2019

    I LOVE this idea! I am a piano player and would love to implement this as a waterfall in our 1/2 acre pond. My question is, wouldn't the wood of the piano rot out within a year or two? Is there some kind of protective coating that could be applied to make it last longer? My email is - noahlady1@hotmail.com Thank you for any info you can give me. I will be anxiously awaiting your reply.

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  • Sharon
    on Jun 8, 2015

    Love it. Where did you find the piano shell?

  • Heather Vorm Gadeken
    on Feb 23, 2017

    I have two questions.... did you have to rip the guts out yourself and how difficult was that? Also how did you have to do anything to the keys to make the water pour out evenly? I had this idea from something else I saw and I am trying to make it in my backyard but couldn't quite figure out the easiest way to get the guts out or if I needed to do anything with the keys to avoid the water spewing everywhere.

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