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DIY Canned Food Organizers

With a family of 7 to feed, my canned food stash was going a bit crazy. I designed and built wood organizers that rotate the oldest dates out first. I also built 2 different sizes. This one will hold up to 12 cans... Woohoo! The others will hold up to 7 and are stackable. This is the best thing to happen to my pantry in a long time! Plus... They cost under $5 a piece to build! You can see the full set of
diy canned food organizers, closet, organizing
diy canned food organizers, closet, organizing
diy canned food organizers, closet, organizing
diy canned food organizers, closet, organizing

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!


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  • Steph Zeitler
    on Oct 13, 2016

    Have you tried to add a spice station in your pantry???

    • Virginia
      on Oct 31, 2016

      No. I use kitchen drawers and I put the jars in alphabetical order and takes just a second to get any I need. Larger containers of spices, are in cupboard above, sitting on one of those turnable rounds.

    • Lois Meyer
      on Apr 26, 2017

      That is what I also do so its easier to find them in that order. Done it for 30 plus years.

  • Scr14252854
    on Nov 22, 2016

    Do you have anything like this or other ideas for spice jars?

    • Virginia
      on Nov 27, 2016

      I have always put my spices in drawers, in alphabetical order, and it has worked for me; with the exception of those pint and qt. size containers that I put onto a turn type shelf accessory into the cabinet above the spice drawers.

    • Monique Emory
      on Apr 30, 2017

      I use possibly 60-80 seasonings on a pretty regular basis, and this was my cupboard solution. I got a piece of sheet styrofoam ( electronics packing liberated from a neighborhood dumpster) My spice cupboard now has a step unit, each step is about 2.5 cm high, and is the depth of one spice jar. I glued the steps in layers and covered the unit with a bit of wallpaper. A step will usually be one type of spices- sweet baking spices, blends, Italian, meat flavorings, etc. I can see and lift out the bottle I need. I also buy a lot of spices that I keep in the original cellophane packets. ( The essential oil/flavor, can pass thru plastic, but not thru glass or cellophane) That section is in a small soup or canned goods box, with a divider between 2 rows, and are just alphabetized. Lightweight, so it sets on an upper shelf. Jumbo sized jars are in a row alongside the step unit or the box. If the bottles all match, grab a packet of stick on labels, and adher them close to the top so you can read them. Total cost: a little glue, some Mac tack or a wallpaper scrap, a packet of labels.
  • Judy Slusser
    on Apr 20, 2017

    How do you get a particular can out of this storage idea without having to remove all the stacked cans to get to the one you want?
  • Diana
    on Jun 25, 2017

    I guess I must be lamebrain but I can't figure out how you made the boxes. Can you show us step by step of how you did them and what it actually looks like without the cans in it. Thank you it would help me so much and how do you store bags like rice and stuff and boxes any good ideas for that thank you
  • Leo27047990
    on Jul 14, 2017

    Why have the subscriptions by email been deactivated?
  • Ivory
    on Aug 16, 2017

    I am so in love with this, however, in our pantry we only have dry goods in there. All of our can goods are in a small closet turn pantry, In our basement. My hubby installed shelves in there which works wonderful. Do you have ideas for dry goods in kitchen pantry
    • Pamela
      on Dec 29, 2018

      I recycle all the large plastic or glass jars/bottles/etc. and use them to store rice, sugar, beans, cereal, etc.

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