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Lighted gazing ball

This is my lighted gazing ball that I lovingly refer to as my "Fairyball". It's made from a standard gazing ball that can be purchased at most garden or craft centers and an old log we fished out of a river while camping. We let it dry for a year, then drilled a hole right up through the center and ran an extension cord up through the hole to plug the strand of lights into. Colored LED lights have been the best string of lights because they do not get hot inside the glass ball and burn out. Its on a timer and glows 365 days a year down in my shade garden.

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  • Jean Myles
    Jean Myles Canada

    Awesome Ty for sharing

  • Smkarasz65

    Gorgeous !! Great job. Thanks for the share.

  • Sandra Evans
    Sandra Evans Homer, LA

    Extremely Beautiful! I'm going to put one in my garden, Then I'll post it.

  • MM

    The most PERFECT spot!

  • Lorraine Forrest

    This is so pretty and I think it would make a nice center piece in side too. I go out every year and find elk and deer shedded horns for my crafts think I might try some with your light idea . thank you

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