Please help! I can't decide what to do with these windows.

I have a small L shaped Living room/Dining room combo with 6 windows. The frames are dark wood plus 3 of them have a radiator under them. I have a look in mind but not sure how to get there. I like clean lines and open feel but need something on windows. Due to the room size it get's 'busy' real fast. I'm including photos of some of my ideas. Two other corners are same design as this I like the roman shades (fabric too busy?) but with small room and all the woodwork looks like walls of frames. Am I way off? Does any of this look 'put together?' Thanks for your suggestions.
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roman shades
q window treatment decor ideas, home decor, living room ideas, window treatments, taupe semishear curtains may need Hemmed
taupe semishear curtains. may need Hemmed?
q window treatment decor ideas, home decor, living room ideas, window treatments, Ivory color semishear Hemmed
Ivory color semishear. Hemmed?
q window treatment decor ideas, home decor, living room ideas, window treatments, same ivory semishear pulled to side
same ivory semishear pulled to side
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  • Joanne Macias Joanne Macias on Jan 03, 2015
    The 1st thing I think you need is some color! I see a lot of earth tones. I love them as well. Maybe some jewel tones on the windows. Ruby looks great with grey, so does jweltones of green. Maybe a stipe with these colors.

  • too much fabric for that room. Start of with the heat registers. Do you use them? If not, get a carpenter to build you covers for them and paint them the same color as the walls. If you do use them, paint them same color as walls. Also paint the trim of the windows that same color of the walls and it won't seem to crowded. Take your rods all the way up to the ceiling. This will add visual height and make the room look larger. Stop you fabric at the bottom the window. Cut off the length and leave an extra 6 inches. Fold up 3 inches, fold again 3inches and press. This will give you a nice professional custom hem.

    • Candeelyn Candeelyn on Jan 05, 2015
      @Creative Interiors By Connie I always wanted to paint the trim because there's so much in this small space BUT hubby refuses. It is pretty but makes decor challenging. That's why I put shears up on outside of window to keep the eye moving.

  • MaryStLouis MaryStLouis on Jan 03, 2015
    I'm not a fan of the full length drapes near the rads, not a safe option and it just doesn't fit the architectural style. Blinds, either Roman or balloon would be a better fit, preferably in a light, colorful print to bring some cheer into the room. There is a lot of potential here with all the beautiful trim you have.

  • Kat Lorden Kat Lorden on Jan 03, 2015
    I like the pulled back to the sides on the last picture. But I agree, you need some pop of color. Take the plate/mirror off the wall by the tv (looks too crowded) I kind of like the ivory sheers, because it blends into the wall color and makes it look more open. Maybe some bright turquoise throw pillows. Your room seems crowded because of the odder layout and the amount of furniture you have. And your lamp to the left is out of proportion - too tiny for the space. You need a chunkier lamp and taller shade.

  • Helene Brown Helene Brown on Jan 03, 2015
    I love the roman shades, the colors really bring out the beautiful natural wood

  • Candeelyn Candeelyn on Jan 03, 2015
    I agree furniture is crowded.unfortunately I don't have a lot of options. only have the wall you can see in pic and wall where tv is, all interupted by a window or radiator. The rest (behind love seats)is open up to other half where we have dining table. I like red and I have red pillows and other touches of red which are not seen in the pics. I agree it seems bland I just always blamed it on poor color choice for loveseats.. Maybe I need to make a post for furniture arrangement.?? Like all of the suggestions. I have colorful fabric on dining chairs.. blue, red, gold, stripes. Just cant seem to "marry" the two spaces.

  • Linda L Pulliam Linda L Pulliam on Jan 03, 2015
    I would have covers made for radiators paint them wall color and shorten the drapes to top of radiator covers

  • Colleen Colleen on Jan 04, 2015
    What about painting the window trim (and radiator) to blend with the walls and switching out the dark roman shades with a some that are neutral, but with texture (instead of color) for interest. If you favor clean lines, stay with the roman shades. They also don't interfere with the radiator. If you don't want to paint the trim, at the very least neutral shades will lessen the busyness. It also seems there is a lot going on in the way of things on the wall that look, from the photos anyway, a little random and might be adding to the busy look that's bothering you. Maybe play around with removing or moving those to tone down the busyness.

  • Patsy McQuade Patsy McQuade on Jan 04, 2015
    Don't paint the woodwork around the windows!! I love how the roman blinds fit in the window, making the room look less crowded, and complement the color. You like red, but you need some pillows and throws and art work in brighter colors that go along with the the diningroom chairs we can just see on the edge of the picture.. Maybe a rug with more color? Get things ready now and by Spring, you will have cheerfulness inside and out!

  • Cindy Marks Cindy Marks on Jan 04, 2015
    Check Pinterest for ideas on radiator covers (easy DIY if you know someone handy). I would square up the area rug not angle it in the room. If you have the space on the wall opposite the window wall (where the love seat and chair are located) I would do a built in unit and have the TV located there. Again check Pinterest for ideas and have the same handy person do this. As for the window covering I would stay with roman shades but change up the color - perhaps cream and gray or cream and tan/light brown - depends on the color of your furniture. I would then place the love seat under the window and place the chair where the TV is now.

  • Terri Itter Terri Itter on Jan 04, 2015
    Build cornices with some cheap wood, or even use pre made shelving. Then you can add a pop of color by painting them, stencil words on them or even decoupage on them, or even upholster them. This would be safe by your radiators, still be clean lines, but soften the room.

  • Terri Itter Terri Itter on Jan 04, 2015
    Can you post a picture facing the other way as well?

  • Tracy W Tracy W on Jan 04, 2015
    Ok the windows are gorgeous! The fabric curtains cover that up and add a lot of weight to the room. The roman shades look the best. Why not make a wooden radiator cover to match the window trim? Is there a way your could move the TV to the area between the windows and have all your furniture face the wall/windows? You could also consider painting just these two walls for a pop of color. Good luck!

  • Kayo Frazier Kayo Frazier on Jan 04, 2015
    Ok, Here's what I would do to bring the room together. First, I would keep the roman shades you've got OR change them to white because while it has 6 windows it still seems dark, this will brighten up the room while still letting a lot of light in. Then I would paint the walls white instead of the cream color you have, this will make all the wooden trim work seem darker & pop as well because of the white color. I would slipcover & keep color of fabric on the furniture a dark charcoal grey then add throw pillows in the same colors from the dining room to tie the rooms together. I would center the TV if you can. Then move both loveseats to a 45 degree angle so that it is a pie shape leave enough space bet. loveseats so you walk bet. & can sit down. Then you can move the chair over near the window for reading or relaxing. You might want to change the fabric on that as well, maybe tie it to one of the colors of the throw pillows. For the TV I would change the cabinet under it to one that has doors that way you can hide the cable box & wires when not in use. Plus, it just makes things look neat & uncluttered looking. I would change the huge mirror for smaller ones w/ funky frames that way it can be an art piece. On the 2 short walls you have one big piece of artwork, but nothing on the other. You can add a group of smaller pictures in the same style of the bigger picture. Last thing I agree w/ others above that putting radiator covers that will hide them & make the room neater in appearance. Plus, if you place cushions on them you can have extra seating. Hope these ideas help you out.

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jan 04, 2015
    Please don't paint these beautiful windows. Have steam rads under windows that are similar to yours. I have white mini-slat blinds on all of them. Go with the deco rods you have and go full length on either side of the rads - no tie backs. I prefer ivory sheers. Light and simple. For colour, you can always add a peacock/turquoise pillow or two on your sofa.

  • Raelene Raelene on Jan 04, 2015
    I love the radiator cover pictured in Tracy's reply from Orland Park, IL. Then carry the theme up to the windows with wooden blinds or shutters that compliment the stain.

  • Claire M Claire M on Jan 04, 2015
    What about solid off white Roman Shades? Would give all of the windows a streamlined cohesive look imho.

  • Candeelyn Candeelyn on Jan 04, 2015
    So many really great ideas! Not sure yet but I have a lot of ideas. Just wondering..several said about radiator covers. I like them but the radiators are i use~ can they be covered? Will they block heat?

    • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jan 05, 2015
      @Candeelyn Mine are steam rads so get too hot for covers. Have seen these on hot water rads but it's only common sense that an enclosure, even with gaps, will block the heat to some extent. There's also the expense to consider. In my dining room, I painted the rad with a high heat brown paint so the window and rad look like one unit.

  • Kayo Frazier Kayo Frazier on Jan 05, 2015
    @Candeelyn...If you go to Home Depot, Lowe's or the like for your area they can show you several different types & answer all your questions & concerns. If you feel you can't DIY them yourself. Get them professional done.

  • the shears look best hanging straight. You can't the the window trim and the room doesn't look choppy and the flow is much better. Happy decorating. Keep at it. You'll accomplish what you want.

  • Jamoschini Jamoschini on Jan 06, 2015
    I think light filtering Roman Shades would work best but in a white or cream color. I would put a slightly darker cream/ tan on the walls. Can you move the TV into the corner where the tree and smaller chair are. Cover the radiator with a radiator cover and paint it white or cream, or just paint the radiator white and cover the top with a thick piece of stained wood to put plants on in front of the window for added interest. Could you move the couch over to the wall that the larger chair is and put the smaller chair with the head pillow kitty corner where the couch is. Add cheery colored accent pillows for the furniture. No curtains are needed b/c more light is needed.

  • Tori Black Home Tori Black Home on Jan 06, 2015
    What a beautiful room with old-world charm! However with traditional rooms such as this one, one must be careful not to make it look tired or dated. Why not go for natural bamboo window shades - they will freshen the look, add texture and take the room from looking dated to updated - fresh and cool yet still showing off the gorgeous window trim to keep it looking traditional. You may or may not add white shear curtains on rods to finish the look. If so do French pleated curtains (not grommets- that just looks too modern and choppy, in this room). If we may suggest one more thing, group the wall mirror and the art print together on the same awl - if you have a large enough wall space for displaying artwork - one on each wall just loses impact. If not, I wouldn't bother putting up artwork. This is a gorgeous room in itself. Oh, not to forget the exposed radiator. We would place a mirrored condole table or a glass top metal table in from to fit to counter the heaviness of the other furniture in the room. Have fun!

  • Yolanda Alcantar Yolanda Alcantar on Jan 06, 2015
    I would remove all curtains from the windows, add some mini blinds and paint the room white, it will make the room look bigger and neat and clean, leave the wood work on the windows alone they are beautiful, I would remove the wall art you have and center the tv and the mirror above it, looks good, I would try add 1 more mirror to the corner wall it will make the wall look bigger and maybe add a plant in the corner by the mirror, also add a rug and take some of the colors from the rug and add some pillows to match the colors on the rug.. I would leave the radiator alone it's a classic

  • Cornelia Schott Cornelia Schott on Jan 07, 2015
    I have beige roman shades with a sheer curtain built right into the shade. A two part roman shade. This is a nice shade because I can use the solid part of the shade for privacy as needed and then adjust the sheer part. Sunlight is a necessity for me so I dislike lots of long heavy curtains or dark blinds. I have a dog as well and during the day, I leave the privacy part of the roman shade 1/4 down on the window and the sheer part about 1/2 way. This way my dog can look out the window and dream about chasing squirrels.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jan 07, 2015
    I have cellular shades in several rooms in my house (I have ivory) and it really brightens up the rooms without cluttering things up. Somehow they make things so much brighter while also keeping our home private from the neighbors and the insulation factor is a welcome addition. As for your shades - as pretty as they are, they are too dark for the room I think. Radiator covers can be custom to your room and are really nice. My son-in-law covered all of theirs with covers he made. You can get metal pieces that's made for this use to place in the front and on the sides (kind of like a grill) and place a shelf on top. Here is a link I found for building one:,,1582598,00.html

  • Teri Teri on Jan 09, 2015
    If you use those radiators for heat, you don't want curtains touching them, you'd need to trim them to a couple inches above the radiators, which might look odd. I like the roman shades. I mention the fire hazard because it's very much on my mind after watching a neighbor's house burn down over the summer. It's just such a devastating thing to have happen. I would hesitate to use radiator covers for the same reason. I hate miniblinds, but someone mentioned bamboo shades and those might look really lovely as well, but I really think roman shades in a lighter color would serve you very well in that space, keeping it light while giving privacy and allowing your beautiful window frames to show.

  • Melinda Edwards Melinda Edwards on Jan 10, 2015
    These are beautiful windows, the wood trim is gorgeous. Unless you need window coverings for privacy, I would leave these windows bare (that's what I did in my living room) and let the moldings and trim be the decorative element by themselves.

  • Belinda Todd Belinda Todd on Jan 10, 2015
    I would use tension rods top and bottom of windows inside the window casing and make 2 curtains for each window. That way you could pull them apart to let light in if you wanted to.

  • Lulu Lulu on Jan 13, 2015
    just an idea...saw this once in a deco mag and LUVVED it tho i couldn't use it....anyway...they hung the rods and drapes all the way to the it looked like drapes were one piece from window to window including corner...was absolutely fab looking...and very different which I prefer...enjoy showing your home some luv cuz it'll luv u right back!!

  • Barbara Valenti Barbara Valenti on Aug 16, 2015
    I've read all comments and somehow after reading and looking at your room, I don't feel your issue is the windows. I think placement of your furniture and colors would do this room just fine! Heck, you could even just tint the windows, with the kind that you can see out, but nobody can see in. There's even a stained glass pattern also with window tint. Check Lowes, I am sure if you want something they will help you with your options. All these suggestions sound great, but with those radiator's, I wouldn't take a chance. I think you have a nice room and love the wood. I can take it or leave it really. Try rearranging the room to see how the windows look then. It may give you some fresh ideas about these choices! Let us know, please?

  • Lisa House Lisa House on Oct 04, 2015
    What about using the rods that are short and turn out away from the window? Could use top and bottom with curtain attached and turn out as a single unit. I also had a friend who used the frames of shutters, she filled the center with a quilted insert, then she just pulled them out away from the window during the day. I wish I could describe this better for you.

  • Johnchip Johnchip on Oct 19, 2015
    Box in the radiator and go short with the curtains. the long ones make the room look smaller and 'old'. Also the ceiling fan is old looking. They are not very expensive now, so i would go with one that is simple, smooth, low profile light, short and close to ceiling.

  • Sandra Sandra on May 18, 2016
    If you are worried about privacy, you can get or make roman shades that cover the window, but can cover just the bottom and leave the upper window uncovered. Myself, I would make lace roman shades or lace curtains covering only the bottom window. Or, you could have tension rods top and bottom and have the curtains tied in the middle, like an hourglass. I would NEVER paint the wood around the windows. Oh, you could also try shutters on the bottom and use a product made by a company called Plaid that looks like liquid when it comes out of the bottle, but dries like a rubber feeling substance. It adheres to the window and looks like stained glass. It will give you privacy. I used it in my old house in my dinette. I had shutters and used this product on the top windows. Worked out beautifully and people had to touch it to believe it wasn't stained glass. Hope you love what you decide to do. Take,pictures and let us know.

  • Marlene Haigh Marlene Haigh on Jun 26, 2016
    the shears pulled back look fine. I think your furniture is too dark. You need to add some color beside browns