What to color to paint brick

Will not be changing color of trim (sand color, on light yellow side). Please show pictures if you can, so I can see the color. The color is too orange for me. Picture don't show the true color. Their are cracks in the mortar from settling and those are the 2 reason we want to paint. All landscaping is no longer there. We are wanting update the whole out side, like the inside. thanks
q suggestions for brick paint color, curb appeal, home maintenance repairs, painting
q suggestions for brick paint color, curb appeal, home maintenance repairs, painting
q suggestions for brick paint color, curb appeal, home maintenance repairs, painting
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  • MaryStLouis MaryStLouis on Jan 04, 2015
    Before painting it's important to fix those cracks first. Here is an article from 'This Old House' on how to do this. http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/how-to/intro/0,,20268891,00.html http://www.beneathmyheart.net/2011/06/painted-brick-a-plethera-of-inspirational-pictures/ This blog has a lot of photos to look at so check it, you may find just the color you love. 😊
  • Shari Shari on Jan 04, 2015
    You can search the term "painted brick houses" and find endless images on the internet or even on Pinterest for inspiration. If I were going to the trouble to paint the brick, I would also repaint the trim. It would not only freshen it up (especially if it hasn't been painted recently), but it would also widen your color choices for the brick. I would also recommend you consider decorative shutters for your windows. Shutters would certainly add a lot of visual interest to the exterior of your home.
  • BETTY BETTY on Jan 04, 2015
    Trim is aluminum and the ones that have painted it did not do will. I have search and the trim color is what I am having trouble with. The house paint needs to compliment the trim.
  • Sandra Sandra on Jan 04, 2015
    I recently saw a brick home painted charcoal with white trim and shutters!! I loved it, but it may not be for everyone? Wish I could supply a photo but I'm an hour and a half away from such home.
  • MaryStLouis MaryStLouis on Jan 04, 2015
    Since you're planning to keep your existing trim color how about this soft combination? You could paint the shutters a deep blue or black for more contrast.
  • BETTY BETTY on Jan 04, 2015
    I was planning on Black have already changed the lights to black. So I am glad you think so too Mary. The picture is pretty and that's what I am finding white trim (or dark trim). My husband said no way we will paint trim. Trim just has enough yellow in it that is making it hard. I was thinking a taupe (so many shades) what ever I do, I do not want the yellow become stronger (?).
  • Wanda Wanda on Jan 04, 2015
    Keep in mind that what ever color you choose must co-ordinate with the shingles as well. Since your shingles by the looks of the picture looks grey any browns are out of the question
  • BETTY BETTY on Jan 04, 2015
    Ok Wanda, May I ask why?
    • Marianne Marianne on Jan 05, 2015
      @I'd also like to know why? It seems to look nice with tan trim. Personally I am an off white type gal, that is the direction I would go with the brick. Then a bright front door in your favorite color of your choice.
  • Molly Molly on Jan 04, 2015
    I painted my ugly brick this summer, I have a slate gray single roof a bit of sand/ivory vinyl siding and white pvc windows, I painted the brick in a blue-black and popped the door in a fuchsia , looks fantastic and loads of complements.
  • Molly Molly on Jan 04, 2015
    I will send over a picture tonight and see if I can find the paint colour number, I used Behr Marquee. It is a one coat cover and very weather friendly, it can even rain an hour after apply and has a dirt inhibitor. The toughest part is the mortar, I used a very small artist style brush. I probably could have sprayed it put I wanted to make sure the painted didn't just sit on the brick that it got more embedded in the brick. Plus it's added exercise.
  • Dans_le_Lakehouse Dans_le_Lakehouse on Jan 04, 2015
    If I were you, keeping the pale yellow/sand trim, I'd paint the brick a pale grey. It would complement your existing trim and also your roof. It would be neutral enough to do a colourful door and would work if you ever changed your trim. Beautiful home, by the way!
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jan 04, 2015
    The problem, in my opinion, is not the colour of the brick. It is the colour of the trim. I would hire a stone/brick mason to repair the cracks regardless. I would add shutters as the windows don't seem to have much of a frame. Since you've chosen black fixtures, then I would do the shutters the same or charcoal which will look good with your roof colour. Maybe do this before making any other changes. More hassle and work to paint brick than paint the offending (in my opinion) trim. Don't get why your husband is so insistent on not painting the trim. To me, it is like throwing out the baby and keeping the bath water.
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    • BETTY BETTY on Jan 04, 2015
      We have been building and remodeling homes here for 30 yrs but never painted brick and have to leave the color of trim. We still have a lot of land scrap to do and build a deck. So we have to watch our money. It is just a big area to cover and try for it to go with the trim. I really like all the suggestion's. Thank you so much. Keep them coming....:-)
  • Molly Molly on Jan 04, 2015
    My brick was your colour and I didn't like it. I found it was getting out dated. A 1970's house stuck in the 70's! The colour I used was Pittsburg Brand number 58D-6 Black Forest, but colour matched to Behr paint. I think if you go with a darker colour you may want to consider even a deep taupe/grey. What colour is your window trims? There are some excellent paints that hold up really well on aluminium and vinyl. Benjiman Moore store can guide you to a good quality if you do decide to paint it.Paint is so much cheaper then replace, the best thing is you can paint over it if you don't like it. Lots of paint dealers and home improvement centers have sample sizes so you can try a colour first. Like your front profile, paint will just update it and brighten it up.
  • Claire M Claire M on Jan 04, 2015
    I would get some professional free quotes and suggestions before doing anything on my own, then decide on your color and go from there. I would probably keep it neutral and not too dark, but you may like something else. I would definitely compare what a few contractors propose as far as priming goes before starting this project, tho.
  • Jar535883 Jar535883 on Jan 05, 2015
    I would paint the bricks a light colour, white, off white or beige to brighten it up.
  • Karen Karen on Jan 05, 2015
    Do NOT paint the brick. Make sure you get the correct stain or solution that works correctly with the brick or mortar. We just bought an 1890 brick rowhouse that someone "painted" in the last 20 years. Wherever it cracked (usually at the mortar lines), water got behind the paint and we are now painfully having every brick taken out, with a new brick and mortar put in. We've had to replace inside ceilings and walls since the water leaked in. You can colorized brick - you just can't use regular paint. Karen
  • Barbara Sawyer Barbara Sawyer on Jan 05, 2015
    Contrary to some, I love painted brick. I'd go with a neutral light grey with black shutters added, always elegant in my opinion. Landscaping will do a lot to soften up the house too. with some nice evergreen shrubs with flowers in front to add color. Pick up a bright color for your front door.
  • Glenna Glenna on Jan 05, 2015
    I'd paint the brick a light sage green. It will go with the trim and you could even add shutters in a darker tone of the sage green. It would look like a charming cottage with the painted brick. Go to Pinterest and put in the search engine "painted brick" it will bring up many options and you can see what the colors look like.
  • Jaci Royal Jaci Royal on Jan 05, 2015
    We recently purchased a 1968 brick home in NC and have the same problem....want my husband to change the old black shutters and flower boxes to cedar (I think)...I painted the GREEN door a burgundy which helped a lot but need to rip out old shrubs and redo the old small outdoor deck. I'm doing everything I can before thinking about doing something to the brick. Keep us posted!
  • Colleen S Colleen S on Jan 05, 2015
    Whatever you do, DON'T paint it grey! The roof is already grey---if the house is grey too, it would look like a great big casket in my opinion. (Why is grey so popular anyway? I see grey clothes, grey cabinets, grey furniture, grey houses.......goodbye grey---bring on COLOR!)
    • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jan 08, 2015
      @Colleen S Think it is a trendy thing and a lot of people are using it as a neutral background. I don't care for going overboard as it is a kind of dead colour (as in caskets - LOL). Needs some bright accents.
  • Tris Smith Tris Smith on Jan 05, 2015
    Fix the mortar. Put up the shutters and add black to part of the trim. Paint the front door a dark olive. Landscape and it will be lovely. This will help your house not look so rectangular.
  • Tris Smith Tris Smith on Jan 05, 2015
    Keep the shrubs away from the foundation. Maybe add window boxes in the sand and black. If the garage is yours, paint the doors in the same colors to tie it together. Plant light sweet potato vine with red begonia for a nice pop of color in the window boxes.
  • 75591 75591 on Jan 05, 2015
    Whatever color you paint it add some shutters to really make it pop.
  • Haydee Haydee on Jan 05, 2015
    live in an area where there are a lot of brick homes and I love it when I see a brick home painted. It gives the home a new life, it modernizes the home and gives it a rich look. Drive around upscale areas and see which once you like. I would knock on the door and ask for the name of the color of their home. People are complimented when you do that. Go for it!
    • Shari Shari on Jan 05, 2015
      @Haydee Several times, when I've liked the color of someone's home, I've had my husband knock on the door and ask what color they've used! You're right; people are always flattered you like their paint choice...as long as they aren't your neighbor and you're being a copycat! lol. Each time we've asked, the homeowners have always been happy to share paint color info.
  • Molly Molly on Jan 05, 2015
    I agree it gives it a lift from tired and worn out to hello I still have lots of life in me!!!
  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on Jan 05, 2015
    I like the beige trim color too.I also like the brick but agree that it is too dark.i think I would try painting a section of the house first with a watered down 1/2 water,half beige paint mixture to lighten the color but still allow the brick to show through.if it is still too dark,you should then prime it then paint it a solid beige color the same as the trim.Then you may want to repaint at least the front door a different color.Also,fix the mortar first.I think it would look really pretty with a washed down beige on your brick.
  • Deb Deb on Jan 05, 2015
    Don't paint the brick. Have it stained. Check out this website: www.nawkaw.com. They specialize in staining brick and it comes with a 25 year warranty. If you paint, you will need to do that every 5 years or so because it will peel.
    • Kat Kat on Jan 05, 2015
      @Deb I agree. Any brick building I have ever seen is chipping and peeling within 2-4 years. That website is amazing. I would definitely consider staining the brick.
  • Judy Judy on Jan 05, 2015
    We live in a world today that seems to say PAINT IT! Sometimes, I think we need to step back and ask why? Your brick is lovely. I would not paint. Judy Oklahoma City
  • Sharon Sharon on Jan 05, 2015
    It would help to have a bit more info. What are your favorite colors? Look at your closet. You will be much happier if you choose something you love. Because the sand color has yellow undertones, be sure to select the same yellow undertones in the color you choose. The 3 best choices for a gray roof are white, blue or my favorite, grey (several shades away from the roof color.) Determine whether you like similar colors or contrasting colors. A similar theme would be gray paint with navy blue shutters and a medium or periwinkle blue door. A contrasting scheme would be white brick with black shutters and a orange-red door. You could also do a slate blue brick with white shutters and a navy door. Or the same color with black shutters and a deep dark red door. Be sure to put shutters on the back side of the house too. If you update your question, I can add specific manufacturer and color names.
  • Tobey McCool Tobey McCool on Jan 05, 2015
    most real estate agents will tell you that painting the brick will affect resale. do no paint the brick
  • Paula Barsamian Paula Barsamian on Jan 05, 2015
    yes. DO NOT PAINT THE BRICK. Painting the brick is a quick way to reduce the resale price of your house. In addition, once you do it, you have to keep painting it. get better foliage around your house and dress up the trip and you can do a lot.
  • Peggygordon Peggygordon on Jan 05, 2015
    I agree...don't paint the brick! I have seen it done too many times and in a few short years the paint is peeling and it looks run down. Add color with landscaping, and trim color, and definitely add shutters. I will look amazing.
  • Carol Carol on Jan 05, 2015
    Have you thought of staining the brick or cornering it with siding? I don't know If you can stain the brick but they have concrete stain. Or maybe you can check how to "antique" the brick. I don't think you should paint the brick but maybe add siding to the top half to change the look and diminish the amount of brick you see. There are many programs that let you play with home pictures by changing color or architectural features. Post pictures on what you decide to do.
  • Amy B Amy B on Jan 05, 2015
    Do not paint the brick. It only peels quickly. Add black shutters. Paint garage door the same as the beige trim. Go to a garden center that will come out and help you design your landscaping. Do not just plant in a straight line across the front of the house like was previously done. Do a welcoming curve from down about midway of driveway up to front door (and across house) that leads visitors gently to the door. Paint front door a welcoming color.
  • Letitia Letitia on Jan 05, 2015
    Try brick stain. Check out images on Pinterest and How-to videos on YouTube. It is easy to do. Most cement, stone, and brick stores carry dye brick. Much nicer than paint. http://www.dyebrick.com Good Luck
  • Rosemary Kelly Rosemary Kelly on Jan 05, 2015
    My in-laws painted their brick years ago. They had to repaint about every five years and it looks bad. Your brick work is gorgeous! How about repairing the masonry and pressure washing it?
  • Dee Dee on Jan 05, 2015
    Don't paint the brick. Make your trim darker or brighter. Painting will reduce your value. Changing the trim color will bring out the brick and with new landscaping you will have a new house picture. Also stain the deck in the back.
  • Dee Dee on Jan 05, 2015
    Ps, changed my mind redo the deck make it larger and make sure you use a water sealer.
  • Sandra Withers Sandra Withers on Jan 06, 2015
    Don't!! Once done, it can't be undone. Then you have to touch up, repaint, etc. I agree with Dee, Painting the brick will reduce the value of your home. Look into alternative ways of spicing it up. Drive through other neighborhoods in your area and see how others are changing things up. Think of the money you will save.
  • Sandra Withers Sandra Withers on Jan 06, 2015
    If I were you I would work on the curb appeal by putting in some landscaping and LED lighting. Much cheaper than painting. Do it right the first time and it will give you a lot more value and less work. I really like your brick work.
  • Gloria lund Gloria lund on Jan 06, 2015
    We bought a brick house so we would never have to paint it. Shutters would add a whole new classy look. Also a new bigger back deck or at least stain or paint that. Looks like the lawn and landscaping could add a lot of class to it. But never ever paint something that should not be painted.
    • Dee Dee on Jan 06, 2015
      @Gloria lund Love the idea about shutters, that would dress up the entire house.
  • Carol  Van Aardt Carol Van Aardt on Jan 06, 2015
    We bought a brick house with dark grey gutters and a brown roof - ugh. We put a plaster surround around all the windows of about 12cm. I suggest you paint that, or shutters, and the gutters the same colour. I agree with all the other suggestions - landscape around the house, and not in straight lines. Tallish bushes against the wall, at the back of flower bed, will break up the brick so that you barely notice it. Good luck!
  • Carmen Carmen on Jan 06, 2015
    Everyone is right. If you paint the bricks you will become a paint slave to the house exterior and YES it will have a negative effect on resale.. I full understand how you might dislike the orange tone but other then getting sliding the alternative is to get the bricks professionally repaired and stained - probably expensive. Like other here mentioned, shutters, paint trim, and nice landscape will help take the focus of the orange bricks. Remember not to place the landscape up against the house, good idea is to place a barrier such as plastic edging along the house foundation before landscaping, don't use red lava rocks or red mulch which will draw more focus to the brick color .
  • Sue Ham Sue Ham on Jan 06, 2015
    We bought a house years ago with a really awful painted brick color, it was cheap!!! We saw the original color of the brick, a really dark almost black and it is not a flat brick, it is textured. Saying all that to say we painted it a grey and do not regret our decision at all. My advice is if you do paint it, stay with stone colors or something that would look natural on brick. Be prepared for the brick if you do paint to suck up the paint, porous very porous. Ours has only been painted once in 20 years.
  • Sue Ham Sue Ham on Jan 06, 2015
    yes it needs it again, not because its flaking or peeling its faded!!!
  • Molly Molly on Jan 06, 2015
    research the paint brands, there are many out there that are for brick, the problem with peeling brick is the type of paint used, the method used and the prepping before you start. there is an elasticmeric paint the has some stretch to it the is designed for brick and stucco. We live in extreme cold so the paint is always expanding and contracting. Lots of homes and businesses here are updating with paint and have been for years. The only ones who have problems are the ones who listed above usually think they are doing a quick fix. Our neighbour painted his vinyl eaves troughs 5 years ago and it has never peeled. Also look for a paint that has a good UV protectant in it. Just DON"T by the first brand you see on the shelve.
  • FlatJack FlatJack on Jan 06, 2015
    Will power washing take out more of the mortar? That has been my experience.
  • Letitia Letitia on Jan 06, 2015
    Power washing is tricky because you can take off the finish or knock out loose mortar. I washed my brick house with a stiff brush and a mixture of Dawn and Tide. Soak the brick first, start at the top and rinse with a garden hose. Don't use a wire brush. It can rust and discolor the bricks and damage the face of the brick.
  • Ali Foster Claypoole Ali Foster Claypoole on Jan 06, 2015
    Hi, I'm going to go against the grain here. It's your house and if you love a painted brick house, by all means, do it! Our last house was a dark red unpainted brick and our current house is painted brick. We painted it a very pale yellow (Light Yellow from Ben Moore) that's bright and cheery with shiny black shutters and front door. It's very cottage-y. I think a lovely soft blue with some green and gray in it would look great with your trim color (Tide Pools from Sherwin Williams?). Pick a color that you'll like as it gets lighter because hopefully you'll get 8-10 years out of it. That's what we're hoping for-2 years in and it looks great so far but I know we'll have to do upkeep at some point. Good luck! Ali
  • Lynn Rudd Lynn Rudd on Jan 07, 2015
    Use money for paint and put shutters a darker color than trim, pull up shrubs and replant new landscape and increase the size of back deck. You'll have a fresh new-look to your house. I personally like painted brick but they are right...it won't last without maintenance.
  • Janis Hill Janis Hill on Jan 07, 2015
    This house is similar in color to your house. I think the white paint looks fantastic! If you refuse to pain the trim then I would go with a soft gray paint (gull wing gray 2134-50 by Ben. Moore) Add shutters in black or to match the other trim color.
  • Carol Paulus-Kalis Carol Paulus-Kalis on Jan 17, 2015
    There is a company called Nawkaw Corporation and they specialize in changing the color of masonry and/or brick. info @nawkaw.com Had my fireplace done and it turned out beautifully. Check it out.
  • B. Welch B. Welch on Sep 12, 2016
    Have you thought about dying/staining the brick rather than paint? You could sandblast the brick and just stain the mortor for a completly different look with a lot less maintenance that painting. Also this house is crying out for shutters on the windows. Just unifying the color of the mortor with a darker stain will make the brick stand out and look new + hide any cracks. If the house has settled a lot (forming large cracks) you may need to check the foundation. I would only paint as a last resort due to the maintenance.