Sharing my Roses and Flowers with garden #2

Roses and flowers at our old home last year..........continued
So big and pretty
Beginning of wild rose arbor, dug up where we hunt the dogs 3 years ago
Wild white rose in full bloom, was so beautiful.....hated to leave it
The wild white rose flowers resemble a lilac somewhat, and smelled so pretty
Wild white rose spreading into the garden and also had climbing hydragena on both sides here
Pond I made six weeks after my cancer operation and carried every single stone....haha
more roses, pics of roses at different stages too
Hollyhock coming, wait til u see this later, it was so beautiful
Oh look .....there is my birdbath I used to do my succalent garden and posted pics of.....had lots of birds at the house but not here so that is why I transformed it
These roses were so beautiful, full and huge, u can c by my hand here
Blue delphinium in garden, was a pretty color
Garden and daisys
I brought this arbor with me but could not dig up the wild rose
Roses on the side of the house did great
Have previous pics posted but just beginning to bloom, now look at them so full and lovely don't u think.....and next couple of pics, wow.....miss all of them but glad I took lots of pics at old home
My beautiful garden shed, (15x15) was as big as the house almost....really, huge and so nice, never did get to do it over into a quilt room, garden on side and pond
Vine growing up seated arbor nice in front of house, the flowers on it are shaped like a saxaphone, really, more like pods, cannot think of the name of it darn........
Arbor with bench in front of house and rose bush on side, knockout roses
Vine doing good in front on arbor
Morning Glories coming
This rose bush is about 6 yrs. old and bloomed for the first time last year, a rambler and pink white roses and so light and smelled so nice, would not get rid of it and glad I did not
See how pretty this is, and it grew along the ground and kept going
This Coreopsis was this color and a light yellow one that I loss
See the climbing hydragea, it bloomed last year for the first time in three years and pretty white flowers
By the pond in back
In back of pond
Side of pond
Side of pond
This rose was like velvet
White wild rose before bloom
Varied flowers in garden
More flowers in garden
Do not know what this is but it was so pretty and dug it up wild
This was so huge, never saw anything this lamps ear and it spread the whole back of the garden

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