Problem with erosion in trench

Like most houses, I have a slightly slopped area covered in centipede and Bermuda parallel to the road where rain water has flown for 15 years. Early this spring a gully-washer formed a trench that turned the area into a small Grand Canyon, 8-12 inches deep. I put standard size gravel in the trench to prevent further washing until I could work on it. Since then we have had two more heavy rains; both times the runoff wasted the gravel into my unhappy neighbor's yard. Each time I have had to collect the gravel and return it to my yard. I have now put old bricks along the trench to slow down further erosion. I also put in larger gravel (apple-size) between the bricks. I worked "top-soil" into the gravel and left about three inches of soil on top. Two questions:1. Did I do the right thing or did I create a mess?2. What should I plant? It's late October in mid-Georgia.Bill in Williamson, GA
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Drainage area along road
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