Asked on Oct 24, 2012

Adding Leather on the chair

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I am going to drop the porch ideas, until next spring. It sucks!
Also, my fall/winter project is adding this leather to the chair and adding more fillings inside. I got this chair from craigslist for free! WHOO HOO!
So, My plan is removing the blue fabric, and fixing more woods to make it more modern. Adding leather on it.
but, I would love to hear some tips, and advice, I need to research of knowing how to add fillings, leather, etc... to make this chair into a beautiful looking. This is our first chair with ottoman!
here is a picture of a chair I got from Craigslist... and at least, I want the chair to be just like the brown one, not JUST LIKE IT, but similar. I wanted to be sure my mom likes it, and if not, I will sell it for extra more money for hard work!
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  • Leslie D
    on Oct 25, 2012

    If I were giving this advice to myself, I would say "take it to Jose at the Upholstery Shop" (of course my upholsterer is very cheap and would probably charge me $300 for both pieces)! That's quite an undertaking for a first project. Would love to see how it turns are certainly more ambitious than I.

  • LindaK
    on Nov 24, 2015

    You are a good son to tackle a project for Mom. I do know that taking the chair apart carefully and using the old covering for a pattern is an option. I also just read that auto upholstery shops can also do furniture in the button tuck style. Check out your local shop.

  • VCl7741482
    on Dec 29, 2016

    Hi! I'm curious how the chair turned!?
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