Top 5 Good and Bad Garden Bugs: How to Release Ladybugs

Watch the funny video, you'll learn a thing or two about garden bugs!Some bugs are heroes in the garden! Some bugs are destroyers. Learn top 5 good and bad garden bugs. The who is who in the insect world! Garden expert Shirley Bovshow sets the record straight and teaches you to release ladybugs into your garden.Way to Grow"Garden designer Shirley Bovshow and her two apprentices, comedians Ariana Seigel and Emma Tattenbaum-Fine, take you through the basics with a fun Gardening 101 series. Shirley brings the expertise; Ari and Emma bring the cluelessness. If Shirley can teach them to garden, she can definitely teach you!
The "Garden Bug Patrol" is up early spying pests that invade gardens. Do these two know what they are doing? Is Shirley leading them astray? "Way to Grow" show
Every seen a slug in your garden? Find out how we get rid of them!
This little spotted "lady" is important in the garden. Do you believe she is a "good bug" or a "bad bug?" Watch and find out!

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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Oct 27, 2012
    In Florida we have these enormous lubber grasshoppers. If there is a benefit to them, I haven't found it.
  • Z Z on Oct 27, 2012
    I feel the same way about the ones we have here Douglas. I've disliked them since I was a child for jumping on my legs, but have a whole new reason for that now as you can see above. After the first summer we had almost thirty windows to replace screening on. A few years later when we did the screened porch we were a bit concerned with using the same screening we'd replaced on all the windows, but didn't want a huge black hole on the front corner of the house so we decided to take a chance. The first year was fine and we thought it was a fluke that the grasshoppers at the window screens. The next summer they attacked the screen on the sunporch so we broke down and used the solar screening. It is very nice for privacy. You can't see in the Solar Screen unless lights are on (just shadows then) or if ones face is pressed against it. Yes I would most definitely have to add grasshoppers to the "bad" list of bugs.
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