Asked on Oct 26, 2012

Has anyone used ladybugs for control of insects in their greenhouse?

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I'm curious if anyone has had success using ladybugs for pest control in their greenhouse. I would like to get a head start before I actually see any bad bugs in my happy place.
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Oct 26, 2012

    I know people who have bought ladybugs to control an aphid situation. They're highly effective, but tend to disperse when the job is done.

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Oct 26, 2012

    They are flighty little critters, no loyalty in the least.:)

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Oct 26, 2012

    A number of years ago I bought a bag and turned them loose in my greenhouse...the helped initially bet then either moved on of died off as there food source diminished. My green house was a long series of PVC hoops with plastic sheeting over the top. If you have operable windows they my leave by that route. My primary pest was not aphids but slugs...once I got my watering schedule dialed in I did not have as much trouble.

    on Oct 26, 2012

    Thanks to all of you. KMS that answered my question.

  • EdenMaker
    on Oct 27, 2012

    Yes, they have been very effective.

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