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DIY Bookshelf Door

We decided to make our downstairs closet into a bookshelf door. I've seen these around on pinterest, and was excited when we finally decided to pull the trigger on this project. This particular closet is really long and narrow, which is a good fit for a book shelf door, since the shelving takes away space in your actual closet.
Time: 3 Days Difficulty: Medium
We bought a solid core door and used a circular saw and jig saw to cut the door out.
We decided to make the shelves depth approximately 8"(this includes 3/4 plywood backing) and heights of 14" and 11.4" for the shelves Whatever you decide for your depth and heights of shelves be aware of how much space you have to work with in the closet and the closet frame, don't forget about how thick the wood is.
We added a door knob and extra hinges to keep it sturdy. We LOOVE the door! It's been installed for 9+ months and we've had zero problems with it.
For full details and pictures please visit the blog link below.

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To see more: http://gingerandthehuth.com/2015/01/diy-bookshelf-closet/

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