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Make Your Entrance More Impressive With Modern Front Doors

Modern Front Doors
Modern Front Doors
Front entrances of your home can leave a long lasting impression on your guests. A front entry door that has the perfect finesse and a charm of its own can reveal to your visitors that your humble abode is a well-kept comfortable place. And not only this, if your front door is energy-efficient, then it only adds a lot more interest to your residential property.
If you are planning to redesign or rebuild your home’s entrance, there are virtually hundreds of modern front door options waiting to overwhelm you. While some you can purchase ready made, others you can get customized to suit your specific requirements. And even though traditional door styles are still extremely popular among home owners, modern front doors have their own personality.
That being said, let’s take a look at three most sought-after front door designs in modern architecture. These comprise of wood, steel and fiberglass.
1. Wooden Doors: If you wish to make your entrance more inviting for your guests, getting a wooden door will be an ideal choice. Wood naturally appears warm and welcoming. It can in fact last you years at end as it requires very little effort in maintenance (painting or polishing). Door manufacturers have also upped their game by selling products with thicker wooden panels and elaborate designs. Not on this, wooden doors have also been converted into energy-efficient solutions with glass inserts that come in a variety of colors to suit all kinds of decor. Some of the most preferred woods for front doors include mahogany, teak, maple, and oak.
2. Steel Doors: Entry doors made of steel come with a wooden frame that improves insulation thereby making them highly energy efficient. Such doors usually come clothed in epoxy-coated galvanized steel. You can choose the baked enamel finish of your steel door in any color that you want. Available in a variety of styles and designs - ranging from traditional to contemporary - steel doors can also last for decades at a stretch with little maintenance.
3. Fiberglass Doors: These are the latest in the entire modern front doors collection. These are typically made from composite materials - comfortably coated in fiberglass panel - and finished with a grainy pattern that resembles wood. These doors come with smooth finishes and you can either have them stained or painted in a color of your choosing. Fiberglass doors are also energy efficient and prove a good investment in the long run.
Hence, choose your front door with a lot of thought and care as these more often than not are a reflection of your personality. Take time to browse through different styles and select that door which inspires you and also promises to enliven your home’s architecture.
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