Asked on Oct 27, 2012

My hostas....winter is coming, advice needed, please!

Bernice HKMS Woodworks


I have many hostas, some did not do well in their location this year. what do you think, should I move them and replant now, or wait til early spring? I know they are hardy, but these few were maybe too much in the sun for some reason, they have been there a couple of seasons but looked tired and hurting this year, and didn't grow very well. I usually can whack away on them and not do any damage to them, but now I am conerned about these, just thriving. Another thing, they are shutting down, but we are getting so much rain, it is a lot wetter in my garden than i keep it during the season.....S'OK? And Some are in pots and have to go in the shed. If they are wet now and put in the shed, i assume they will just dry out?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Oct 28, 2012

    Here are some hosta tips, for seasonal changes

  • Bernice H
    on Oct 28, 2012

    Thanks Kevin...@KMS Woodworks this is what i usually do, for some reason this year I was doubting myself. But this rain is good I am reassured, and in the spring i will pot the pips as soon as i see their little heads. Should have done it earlier, but that didnt happen. Too near snow and frost now.They will be ok, maybe not as big as they might have been, but they are in a not good spot for them for summer and spring will be ok. Thanks for the info, dodo me, I do have a link in my list, but I didnt even think about it. I am getting spoiled here on HT! cyber huggers!

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