Demolishing Concrete with a Soft Touch

Who doesn't love a new way to break stuff?
Instead of ripping through concrete or stone with a jackhammer–or even explosives–Ecobust is an "expansive demolition agent" that breaks up rock and concrete neatly and silently. The product is basically cement that swells as it cures. Here's how it works: (1) Drill into the concrete or rock. (2) Mix the powdered Ecobust agent with water. (3) Pour the mixture into the holes. As the agent cures it expands inside the hole, breaking apart the concrete or rock from the inside.
The expanding agent breaks apart the concrete using a quiet and controlled method, without a bunch of racket or flying shards of rock-perfect for DIY removal of unwanted slabs, deteriorating porch steps, old footings and more.Learn more about this project at .

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  • Courtney - March Orchard
    on Jul 3, 2014

    I purchased the Ecobust from Home Depot, had to order it online. So far it hasn't worked for me. It just dries and doesn't expand at all. My concrete slab is a lot smaller than the one in the picture.

  • Yilliang Peng
    on Mar 23, 2017

    Thanks for the information on how to break down concrete! My wife and I are doing some huge repairs and renovations on our home. The people working on the home are just smashing the concrete, but I think that pouring the liquid is actually much more effective! Thanks for the post!
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