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Update! See below last photo for update! This is part one Part 2 can be found here: My project that needs some advice. Ok lets start with the BIGGIES. Countertops, cabinets paint them, what color, paint them different colors ontop/bottom? Remember my Industrial theme and remember must be super cheap, limited income family husband is disabled. I have considered concrete ontop of these white tops. Ive considered removing them all together and replacing with 2x4's with heavy opxy. The one thing I dont like if I keep these, is the backsplash as i need all the wall space I can get. But if I must keep them so be it. I do need a well. Paint on walls, etc. Space above cabinets. Cabinet doors add new or painted hardware, knobs. Kitchen sink I can live with for now. We have already tiled the floor in a neutral beige color. See below my inspiration photos. I ran out of room displaying photos of my inspirations! :(
Excuse the mess but this is my dark ugly kitchen. I was cooking and cleaning at the time. Slowly I have some big projects to do here. I HATE this space why? 1. I think the cabinets on the bottom are not kitchen cabinets they are bathroom cabinets! They have deep dark wholes that are pointless storage! 2. Hate the countertops kids and white do NOT mix. 3. Its small and dark. I began to think on creative ways to revamp this kitcen on dimes. Because if it's not on dimes, it can't be done. Here is my plan for Industrial styled them I have so far and watch as I slowly add improvements. I have done a few things to help me with storage but all the things you find floating around to help with storage on the internet? Yep, you guessed it, it doesnt work because cabinets are not real kitchen cabinets. I am left to suffer with what I have but somehow make it functional. I have bought items like Dollar Tree baskets & Wal Mart clear coke holders to work inside my cabinets keeping the can good's. Well guess what? They don't fit! So I became discouraged and the clear can organizers sit in my cabinets as I type and I cannot close the doors! This kitchen does NOT i repeat..DOES NOT have a pantry. Double whammy! What it does have on the opposite end of this photo is an bi fold door space for washer and dryer. In which I have created one side wall cubby to store can goods. Well, heat and food do not mix, when dryer is on, the can goods sweat.. So there went that idea. For now this cubby sits with cook books misc, stuff and above washer dryer is the old builders wired wrack. Read on for more nightmares....
Here I was attempting to clean out my spice cabinet See the open cabinet above crock pot? All of it's contents are on my table. Note to self: next kitchen picture clean up before pic, do not take pic of clearing cabinet.The door with window? This is the back door leading out to my small slab of concrete they call a patio-I call a one day "Outback Shack". To the right of the table is the washer/dryer area with the bi fold doors I spoke of as above. The kitchen table moved with us into this house, we bought our home because of it's location, price in the area. My son is gifted and needed to be in a zone where they offer gifted programs. Well, the furniture does not fit anywhere in any room of my house! This table is an oldie I revamped thats old, I'm not married to it and it plain needs to go. I need a smaller table but I do host alot of dinners so I hate for the six seating table to go but for everyday function it's not usefull. Yes I can take out the leafs of table and pair it down, I just stopped doing so, it becomes a storage problem with chairs and table leaf. Now for the walls, I painted them this ugly yellow thinking it would brighten the space up and got a whim of creating a focal wall long ago, years ago...with the wall on the right. EEEwwww! This wall in my future plans of Industrial Kitchen will host an painted chalk board with a frame Since I need storage? I don't want to place shelving here because I have plans for sliding door on those bifold doors. Unless it's above the door. The kitchen is paired to my living room, it located where I was taking the picture, no doors but it does have a semi curved wall seperating the two. Lighitng has got to go as well.
So I took a drawer and used this for storing my casserole dishes. I must line this with pretty lining paper like I have my silverward drawer. This is just an attempt to try and make my cabinets organized.
I am continually pairing this spice cabinet down. I bought myself two way spice jars at the Dollar Tree which are now filled with no place to go. I do have an idea but it's no longer that appealing only because I wanted to hang several things to free my countertop. I wanted to house a small floating shelf underneath my cabinets that holds my new spice jars yet the wall space is not going to hold multiple things that I wanted to free countertops. These things are Spoon hanger, Magnetic Knife strip, how can I get all this done? See those inspirations as below. I will post a photo of what I mean.
My dream but no way this will work in such a small space. I do not have wall space to place a wrack of spices onto (thats ideal) but the only space is above stove, greasy grimy jars, not thanks.
Option 2 I like but I also have a collection of large pickle jars (they are spray painted lids and chalk board labels) that will not sit on these shelves. Also I dont want to coral all of the jars onto countertop, only the ones that I use mostly. The black backers rack has got to go beside my back door, that area I would like to use multi functional an coffee station-an old dresser suit to fit space, above this shelving so I can place my not regularly used Pickle jars there.
My spice Jars from Dollar Tree. THey need a good home but accessable. No they do not stack in my cabinet, the tricks Ive seen online where one builds shelf against the walls and back wont work either. I so want these displayed but how can I do so and make them look good? Warning, one problem that I see already. While handling these using these jars, the chalk comes off!
Ok here is what Im talking about the large photo and my spacing delima. I want to mount magnetic knife strip, shelving for spices and as above the spoon holder. I cannot double up the floating shelf for spices, I will need the length to house them all, cant stack jars. I don't think this leaves wall space below to house an mounted spoon holder, knife magnetic strip. Unless I do these directly above the stove, has anyone done that and is it super greasy? I have this metal pale that I currently store my tools/spatulas, large spoons etc. Trying to declutter get things off counter, so little working counter top & wall space. I do have large pickle jars that are sitting on my counter currently, these jars house many things, flour, nuts, sugar. I have painted the lids silver and attached chalk sticky labels. I would like to remove the jars that I do not use daily to another area of the room. This small area is where the kitchen table will be next to my back door. I want to create some organization that functions for my space. More on this later.
Goind to do this! I do not like the cornice I have, it's not rather Industrial looking with the scalloped edges. I will probably cover it with distressed wood or make a frame, with chalk board with some catchy phrase or numbers? The pot wrack, love love this idea. Currenly I own two pot racks one that mounts to wall, no wall space so I took it down, the other hangs from ceiling and is currently what I use now. Yet I shouldnt be! Each time a guest walks up to my stove (taller than me) DING! Goes their head..this is not practical but saves space in my deep dark space cabinets, I loose things there! Ive tried using rubber maid to coral all the stuff but its a pain to use as I use these coraled items alot. The pot rack I just need to remember to not over crowd!
Just some organization here. I must measure before I go on a hunt again buying cheap products to make this work. The one thing I do not like with the photo is the can goods and no rotation, who wants to go a step further after shopping, unloading to rotate cans. Am I lazy? ha However these maybe the only thing that fits that I havent tried. I do not own these photos please visit this link to go to their links or here )
(Top left photo) LOVE This idea, I currently have a three tiered wired basket sitting to the right of my sink. This just gives me idea to take it off countertop and be un cluttered! (Top left photo) under sink basket mount for unsightly items on command hooks! Clever! The other two photos has anyone done this? I dont think this would fit inside my cabinet door but I love the idea of getting up and out of the way! Garbage bag storage Im thinking in my garage? Not really readily accesable though. What do you think? I do not own these photos please visit this link to go to their links or here )
Photo top right.Im thinking my most 2-3 used pickle jars in the space between cabinet The rest of the area some shelving for my new spice jars long in width up higher right under cabinet. I have an area for this family command center (bottom left photo). The wall where my garbage can sits currently, it also has the light switch and a phone jack. This wall frames the fridge so it's high traffic area leading out into my living room. High traffic area, not that this matters because its wall mounted but how do I get around trash can, light switch etc.? I hate my trash can there! No where else to go. Undersink? I have water purifier and disposal, not gonna happen. Left bottom photo, I already do this but with a plastic basket, I like the idea of it having a lid so I may make this. ONE DAY! I do not own these photos please visit this link to go to their links or here )
I have the top left photo half done, must finish this! We are not wine drinkers but we do drink pepsi products so I thought the photo (upper right) is a good space savor. Until I kicked my kids off of soda next is me....I don't see this happening anytime soon! Under the sink? Well it's a real mess, revamped and now revamping again. Next time I revamp? Im placing tile or cheap peel and stick leniolium. Gosh spelling! Ha I do not own these photos please visit this link to go to their links or here )
I do use alot of recycled pickle, salsa jars for my dry baking goods, croutons, rice whatever! I just dont like bulky boxes or opened containers. The jars I have done, I simply write with sharpie what it is it comes off in wash & currently sits above my stove. have chalk board sticky back paper need to switch! No where else to place them but it sure would be nice to have an outside pantry to place them as they are pretty and functional. The mail system here, I found a better solution to move into my living room where my desk is. (I do not own these photos please visit this link to go to their links or here )
Grey cabinets on bottom white on top? Grey walls? Accent wall? The wall where dining table is paint it all chalk board or paint a section w/chalk and frame it in?
I am finally getting the kitchen! This is my sketch from IKEA's app. The kitchen cabinets you see here are the actual ones that I got. The faux brick wall, counter tops all but the flooring is in the plans. My kitchen is currently renovated, once the kitchen was kitchen and dinning now it is just a kitchen. Dinning area will be revamped into what my living room is now and garage renovated for family room. The kitchen is first! In progress!

Suggested materials:

  • Remodel  (IKea)
  • Cabinets  ($4200)

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  • Deborah
    on Feb 26, 2016

    This original post was about the design I wanted but I knew I would have to work out problem areas and how to get around how to make my space work on a budget. Please see my other posts. Update on my Kitchen. I have cleared out everything and added some organizational techniques within baskets/bins etc. My cabinets are still an issue the only two things that is really working is the wood plank step method that I have installed. I basically cut 2x4s for a step ladder effect for my can goods. Dollar Tree bins, I have placed box goods in bins (three of them) they are on the top shelf of my "pantry". Not sure if this is working or if we use these items enough because its getting crowded. I am so frustrated with this one, as I keep rediscovering what WILL work for this space, they all have failed.The pantry (food cabinet where can goods, boxed meals go) is still a work in progress. Due to the deep dark tunnels my cabinets have, I try to use only the portion that i can see. To add things that I use less frequently to these dark spaces is a great idea however it is still not practical. I would have to move a lot of things out to get to that one item less used. The other things I have done in other cabinets: Under the sink: I have added long bins with lids to hold 1. dishrags and towels (since I only have two real drawers in kitchen). 2. The second bin is for scrubbies, they stack on top of each other. Inside the door of this cabinet I attached a pencil basket to hold sink stoppers and scrubbies that are in use. 3. A bin for cleaning solutions dish washing liquids that does not fit into my sink side pump glass and other cleaning solutions, I house dishwasher tablets in a jar in kitchen window. I don't like this cleaning solution bin because its round (like a small trash can) however its the only thing that will fit. Construction plans for underneath sink still needs to happen: I need to replace board under sink and add sticky back linoleum to its floor.Underneath the sink holds my disposal and water purifier unit so there is NOT a lot of room to play with here either. Kitchen drawers: I bought the same plastic pencil holders for my silverware drawer and gave the drawer a pretty drawer liner. The second drawer (these drawers are the largest of four drawers in total) again pretty liner and it houses my glass baking dishes. The third drawer I don't want to talk about, its been cleaned out but it tends to catch all pens etc. I don't think it's potential is found as of yet. This drawer, I not in my "zone" for cooking. So I am not sure what else to do with it? Last drawer the fourth drawer a tinnie-tiny drawer beside my stove. Holds pot holders and trivets. I am happy with my glass ware cabinet and happy with my plate and bowls cabinetry. I have those wire wrack organizers that tend to do super well in my cabinets. I need to tweak it all but want to get new plates. Above stove cabinet: Installed a baking bin with a lid it holds food coloring, cookie cutters, sprinkles etc. I have also have a bin that is clear with a lid that I have labeled "spice packages" these are envelope packages, gravy, season packages etc. A small lazy susan that holds small jars or oil that I don't want leaking. This is somewhat of a problem because most oil jars like olive oil they don't fit in my cabinet they are always to tall for this cabinet. So it's a pain to pour oil into a oil caddy each time and I always still have a bottle left with oil in it, doesn't make sense. Not sure how to fix this prob. Upper small cabinet right of my stove. Tiny space cabinet. Spices is a real problem still. I have not figured out yet how to fix shelf as I want to house my shelf underneath, in between upper and lower cabinet (back splash area) and my knifes, large stirring spoons etc. There is limited space here. I have added a new industrial cart, the ugly bakers rack is NO MORE. It was meant for temporary means only. This industrial cart was given to me and its not typical, bought from an auction. It has one drawer, two shelves underneath. The drawer holds tea, BBQ items- spices (as its by my back door), Ziplock bags etc. Above this industrial cart is two shelves that has become my dry pantry area. The shelves are open and have an industrial feel to them. I have basically collected large pickle jars, washed off labels and spray painted their lids a silver. They have chalk labels. I have ten in pickle jars. The sugar pickle jar sits on my counter top as it's frequently used. The rest contain flour, cereal, oatmeal, rice etc. and are housed on the industrial open shelves. On the Industrial cart the shelves below hold my crock pot, mixer and baskets of smaller jars. One basket holds baking goods like baking soda, powdered sugar, brown sugar etc., The other holds noodles, extra rice. I don't like having open containers/boxes in my cabinet because the space is so limited so this is what i do. I have yet to get a kitchen table, paint for walls-but do know what I am doing there, color wise a neutral grey. Construction of the cornice above window I want removed and will place a pot wrack between the two cabinets somehow mixed in with a pendant light. Cabinets will be painted but I cant make up my mind on what technique I want two toned-upper cabinets lighter than bottom or both painted same? Back splash area I am adding an unusual back splash that I have never seen used as of yet. I will take pictures when it's done. I am now working and going back to school at age 48 so yes my projects are delayed but still thought of. Kitchen table is on the back burner and my thoughts of what I want in theme related can be possibly home made, just will need to purchase chairs. Its started and is a work in progress that will take its own time.

  • Karen Strayer
    on Aug 4, 2016

    To label your spice jars you can get a paint pen at home depot, menards for a couple of buck. If you need to relabel them just use a little paint remover or fingernail polish remover and relabel.

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