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Keep Copper Clean & Clever Copper Creations

The Home & Garden Television (HGTV) network has selected copper as the “Color of the Month” for March and who are we to argue with the TV trendsetters? To stay in vogue, pull your copper pieces from the back of your kitchen cabinet and display them proudly. What's that? Your copper is tarnished and dull? We've got a fix!
Because copper can’t be cleaned in the dishwasher, it often accumulates black and brown spots and loses its luster. To clean your copper and restore its metallic brilliance, all you need is one lemon and a pinch of salt. Here's how:
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1. Cut Your Lemon in Half
To get more juice from the lemon, microwave it for ten seconds.
2. Dip the Juicy Side of the Lemon in Salt
Make sure the side is liberally covered. It's okay to double-dip!
3. Scrub Your Copper
Vigorously rub your copper and watch as the stains and tarnishes disappear!
4. Rinse and Dry
Once you're satisfied with your shiny new copper, rinse the item quickly under warm water. Then, pat it dry with a soft cloth.
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3 questions
  • Amber Fiegenbaum
    on Aug 13, 2016

    Is it safe to use straight vinegar inside a copper pot to get rid of hard water build up

    • Laurie Cavanaugh Bobskill
      on Oct 5, 2016

      No! I found that out the hard way. It discolor the copper (turns it black).

    • Millie
      on Jun 16, 2017

      Most copper pans are lined with stainless steel.

      It's perfectly fine to use straight vinegar on stainless as long as you rinse it thoroughly.
    • Cocoatmidnight
      on Aug 28, 2017

      Please do not use copper items without stainless steel liners for anything other than decor. The copper containers with direct contact with food will develop a chemical reaction which is harmful. Love those moscow mules.
    • Pat21910290
      on Sep 4, 2017

      Copper only reacts to acidic food. Unlined copper is used for candy and many jams and desserts. And copper has only been lined w stainless in the past century or so. Before that, in fact for many centuries before that, and many that are still in use today it was lined with tin. It's easily scratched so metal is out, but cooks beautifully, conducts heat better and is naturally nonstick.
  • Denzia Washington
    on Jul 12, 2017

    Will this aslo work for silver plated stuff? If not, what would be for silver?
  • Sally-Charles Evans
    on Sep 13, 2017

    So, after the pots are sparkling, if is ONLY for decoration, can it be coated with poly to keep the tarnish away???

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  • Diane
    on Jan 13, 2017

    vinegar and salt paste also works

  • Norma Bussey
    on Sep 4, 2017

    Thanks to Everyone! I love my copper tea kettle but now, I know how to clean it and display it proudly!
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