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Can someone tell me what kind of cactus this is? Someone gave it to me, about 6 months ago & I've had it on my back deck until a few weeks ago when it started turning cool, so I brought it indoors & put it on the dining room table & it started
to blown before Halloween! {never heard of a Halloween cactus!!}but figured someone on "Hometalk" could tell me what kind it is. Thanks
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  • Terri J
    on Nov 2, 2012

    Gloria, I don't know my cactus that well, but it sort of reminds me of what is called a "Christmas Cactus" judging from what I can see of it's stems. That being said, I have never seen one bloom in white - always red. First time for everything, and weather conditions can make these little babies bloom anytime of year. Hope that at least gave you a start in finding out what it is...

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Nov 2, 2012

    Terri, you are right, it is a Christmas Cacti. They actually have all sorts of colors from white, fuchsia, peach, orange and red. They are a fun house plant that is easy to propagate and share with friends. Here is a great publication from Perdue U on how to take care of them

  • Gail Salminen
    on Nov 3, 2012

    We call it a Christmas cactus in this area, but have also seen it called an Easter cactus. Find it blooms when it is a little abused - i.e. not regular watering. Mine blooms a few times a year, because i am remiss in watering LOL

  • Mary Insana
    on Nov 3, 2012

    I love Christmas cactus but find thats one plant that does not like living with me! I have had numerous ones and always seem to kill them :( All my other plants thrive, in fact I have a corn plant that I bought when we moved into our house 21 years ago that now touches the ceiling.

    • Sharon
      on Oct 22, 2019

      Possibly too attentive! Lol. They like more water than my other succulents, but over watering will not make a Christmas cactus happy!

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Nov 3, 2012

    Since prematurity seems to be synonymous with Christmas these days, it seems not a bit surprising that a "Christmas" cactus should also bloom for Halloween.

  • Gloria S
    on Nov 3, 2012

    Thanks to all for answering my post. now that u mention it, my red one is blooming also. I even have my azaleas blooming now, & they are suppose to bloom in the spring!! guess this crazy weather even has Mother nature confused!

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Nov 3, 2012

    The trigger for most of these "blooms" are due to "photo period" this is the biological term for the length of the day.,articleId-23717.html

  • Bobbye Wendt
    on Nov 3, 2012

    It is a Chrsitmas Cactus blooms at Christmas time. Its a Schlumbergera or Zygocactus. Origin :Brazil

  • I had to chuckle at the names, I also know it as Christmas Cactus, but when it was called a Halloween Cactus, I lost it. Reason being we just noticed in our town that the stores already are placing Christmas decorations up and one local place already has trees brought in. So I guess the plants are starting early for the holidays as well. My wife has a few of these and they appear to be blooming early this year also. Perhaps the cooler weather, or sunlight issue with all the cloudy days we have been having.

  • Pat aka Queen of Thrift
    on Nov 3, 2012

    I have a white one (Christmas Cactus) that if full of buds. It was given to me when my mother passed away 14 years ago. I have two that are shades of bright pink/orange. I leave mine out on the porch until right before frost. The long cool nights cause them to set buds. I also fertilize them all during the year with Schultz Cactus plus liquid plant food according to package directions. I repotted them a couple of years ago using cactus soil. Mine stay healthier if I leave them outside as long as possible. They don't seem to like a nice, cozy room. The cooler the better. Mine always bloom before or during Thanksgiving. After they finish blooming, I carry them to the garage to join my other outdoor plants. I have a spot near the garage window that they enjoy during the winter. I water occasionally...just enough that they don't dry out completely.

  • Di S
    on Nov 4, 2012

    it is a christmas cactus

  • Rocky Mountain WaterScape
    on Nov 5, 2012

    It is a Christmas cactus. But in Colorado, as soon as we bring ours in after the weather starts to cool off in the fall. They begin to bloom and bloom on and off all through the winter way past Easter. They do't ever seem to bloom when they are outside in the warmer months.

  • Sharon B
    on Nov 5, 2012

    I have three of them and love them, old too....white, pink and white and red. Gee I have to ck mine now to c if any blooms, it blooms when it wants to.......usually at Halloween but have not seen anything yet....have to ck.. and blooms on an off soon, will take pics

  • Olwen
    on May 26, 2013

    i agree that it's a kind of Christmas cactus. i love the white blooms

  • Hi Gloria, I just joined hometalk and found your post. It actually is a Thanksgiving cactus, and you can tell this by the jagged edges on the stem segments. Christmas cactus have rounded edges on the segments, and are hard to find anymore. Check out my blogpost about these plants here:

  • Alyce Wilson
    on Oct 26, 2014

    Alyce in Iowa- I'm sure its a Christmas cactus. They come in yellow, peach, bright pink, light pink, and white that I know of. Its beautiful and enjoy it. It must of got to much of sun to force it to bloom now.

  • Susan Ziegler
    on Jan 6, 2015

    Here is part of Donna's referral website. Christmas cacti have scalloped stem segments and bloom at the stem tips. Thanksgiving cacti have 2-4 pointy teeth along the edges of the sections and will bloom earlier than Christmas cactus if left to natural day-length. Easter cacti have rounded teeth along the segments and bloom primarily in the spring but may also periodically re-bloom at other times of year.

  • Joann Jarvis
    on Apr 11, 2015

    Mine are just like tha white Christmas cactus.

  • Donna
    on Dec 9, 2019

    Your lovely cactus 🌵 is definitely a Christmas cactus dear. Speaking of which, it is nearly Christmas, so I would like to wish you a and yours

    a MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄 Love!!

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