Rainwater Harvesting and self sustainable water feature

Follow the Liquid Designz team as we create another one of a kind, jaw dropping display of both beautiful aesthetics with a practical "GREEN" twist to the design.
The project consists of Liquid Designz's premier craftsmanship which equates to a gorgeous water feature that is self sustainable by using the rainwater from the homes roof down spout to run the system. Along with being self sustainable, we then added the more recognized "GREEN" twist to the design.
The rainwater is first filtered, captured and then reused. In this case, the 600 gallon below grade reservoir was created so that the homeowner can connect a hose via a hose bib and use this water to do such things as irrigate his landscape, wash vehicles, clean the patio or deck and top off a pool or spa, just to name a few.
Enjoy some of the before, during and after photos of this inspiring transformation. We welcome your feedback.
A broader view of the design shows the bog/filtration area along with the first half of the natural stream that features small pooling areas along the way which is key for a natural look.
The evening before any excavation.
Excavation process taking place. Multiple liners had to be seamed together to make this work and function long term !!
Precise excavation for bluestone bridge which will join the front walkway. Also had to be aware of main waterfall volume and limit splashing as any water during cold mornings would ice up on the walkway that leads to the front ded ooor
Our Rain Exchange first flush filter allows the first 15 gal. from the roof which carries the majority of the pollutants to be temporarily stored before it exits the floor of the filter. Clean water will then replenish the reservoir.
A beautiful view of the bog/filtration area where the two main waterfalls commence. Pretty plantings help soften the rock work. Notice the bluestone slab bridge as water is passing beneath it.
A great shot of the meandering stream thanks to the variation in rock work along the way. The excavation was perfectly straight prior to any of our precise rock placements.
The last waterfall from the stream before cascading over the final 1500lb boulder which dissapears into the 600 gallon below grade reservoir.
Another beautiful vantage point the arriving guests will see. I cannot tell you how many people have asked the homeowner, "How did they build this without removing the tree stump"? Wow, what a compliment. We sure can create illusion:)

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