Water Lillies

When I took down my pond in the spring because a tree root had come up through the liner, I wanted to save my water lillies. So I bought a plastic tub the size of a 1/2 Whisky Barrel and carefully seperated the roots and put them in it and filled it with water. In June they bloomed, full sized leaves and full sized blooms...but since that time, the leaves have "Miniaturized" and are now all the size of a quarter or a 50 cent piece...I obviously was surprised at how quickly they "adapted" their size to accomodate the smaller growing conditions and as one of the landscapers that I so respect said, "in effect it is sort of a bonzi water lilly". So I had promised a picture of this years leaves and blooms, in the barrel...but full sized...and Now the real test will be to see if I get Miniature "blooms" in next years growth...it may be a long winter, but I love a good mystery...so it'll be worth the wait to find out...

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