Asked on Nov 5, 2012

What is the best way to clean white wooden blinds?

Terry Oneill3po3Sherrie


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  • Sherrie
    on Nov 8, 2012

    Steve if you noticed the picture these are metal blinds. Wood blinds need special care. They are very expensive. Wood blinds you clean carefully. Vacuum with a attachment soft brush, or use a duster to dust. If they are really dirty use a soft damp cloth. If you have to use a cleaner a little bit if dish soap or mean green something very gentle. Wipe and clean, you need to dry these. Usually just regular dusting, but white seems to get really dirty. These are like a compressed wood. So if you need to get them wet be sure and dry them. Then keep them dusted regularly. Wipe off stains as you see them. Regular maintance cleaning. Yes it's a pain. But I love white wood blinds. They are worth it.

  • 3po3
    on Nov 9, 2012

    Thanks for the follow-up, @Sherrie. I had overlooked the mention of wood.

  • Terry Oneill
    on Jan 2, 2016

    We fill our bathtub with hot water and bleach and let them soak for about 30 mins and they look brand new every time

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