Black Widow Spider

Glossy black with red "hourglass" on abdomen. About 3/4-1.5 inches in length & 3/8 inch in diameter. Found in all 50 states, they live in dark corners & crevices, around wood piles and cluttered areas. Male Black Widows & juveniles of both sexes do not bite, so they are not dangerous, however the female Black Widow is a different case. Her venom is 15 times more potent than the Rattlesnake. If biten, seek medical treatment immediately, especially if the victim is a young child or an elderly person. Tips to prevent a bite include: 1) Keep your home, garage, shed & any outdoor workplace free of clutter. 2) If you see the Black Widow on her web, do not disturb her, as she may become provoked and bite. if you see a web without a spider,approach with caution, esecially in the daytime, she might be hiding. 3) Wear heavy gloves when moving items that have been stored for long periods of time, inside or outside. 4) Place shoes in boxes or shake out prior to wearing.
Balck Widow Spider
Balck Widow Spider

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  • Sharron W
    on Mar 9, 2013

    If it's Venomous, it's a goner around here...I'm with Shannon...I choose to save my kids, dogs and grandkids over any other creature...especially one that can actually kill them...

  • Millie
    on Feb 8, 2015

    They can have the hourglass on the top as well. I found one in my office at work, in a box with paper files. I didn't think it was widow at first until I looked it up and found a picture with the hourglass on top.

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