Asked on Nov 7, 2012

White stuff on brick

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We have several spots on our brick walls, does anyone know how to treat that. Also, several years ago we had a psinter tell us he had a paint that woul cover this, on the walls he painted , the pain has what looks like rusty stains & the paint is peeling off in big chunks. What should we do?
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  • That white stuff is efflorescence. It is the result of salts being exposed due to moisture being trapped behind the brick, As it escapes the brick it takes the salts of the materials and deposits them on the surface. A lot of contractors think by painting or sealing the bricks will stop this, but it is not true. In fact it will do exactly what your seeing. It will trap the moisture and cause the spalling that your seeing. The rusty stains can be from tiny partials of metal that could be trapped in the sand that was used in the cement mix that holds the bricks together. The solution is to try to remove as much of the paint as you can and that is another subject on how to do this. Then you need to determine where the moisture is coming from and fix that. A good quality exterior flashing and proper pitch on the top courses of brick goes a long way to stop this. There is many cases where you will not be able to stop it completely. Check out web site to find out more about this subject.

  • Woodbridge has this one covered! Paint will peel as a result of moisture underneath.

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