Asked on Nov 8, 2012

Changing hole in granite vanity for bathroom?

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We bought a new vanity from someone on cl. Along with a vessel sink and waterfall faucet. Brand new. Turns out the holes in granite vanity top are a bit too close together. So we need to move faucet hole back a bit but not sure how that will work please help!
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  • This is a very difficult thing to do. You need special carbide or diamond bits to do this. And now that the holes are already in place I doubt very much you can even do it. How much do you need to move them over?

  • Agillustration
    on Nov 9, 2012

    What's weird is that every online place selling it mentions u can choose any sink vessel and faucet you want, and I even just scaled a random company that sells it saying that our vessel was 16.5 wide and we had a waterfall faucet etc and that the holes a bit too close together. All the other ones I have seen and the one hat is shown in the picture is even a larger vessel according to the woman I spoke with. She is going to call he ompany that makes the vanity tomorrow for me but geez what is going on here!! I wish I could post a pic but im on an ipad

  • I will be in Holland township on sat afternoon. If you like I can stop by and see what your trying to do. Just send me an email with contact info. One thing you need to remember is where the tops are made or where the faucets are made also. Many are Chinese made and their hole sizes are smaller then the ones you would get if made in USA, Not all but a lot. I run into this hole size issue on several occasions when clients purchase sinks on line through Ebay and the like.

  • Evelyn Cook
    on Nov 21, 2015

    this happened to me. I had a new marble type top made with a bevel and glued it to the ones with the holes with crazy glue, then drilled holes in correct position. Everyone commented on how original and beautiful it was.

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