House Mouse

Light brown to black in color, small eyes, pointed nose, large ears, long tail and about 2 inches in length. The house mouse is the most common rodent pest in most parts of the world. The female mouse can give birth every three weeks to a dozen babies, that's 150 babies a year! Their diet consists mainly of plants & grains but they will eat meat & dairy products as well and require very little water to
House Mouse
House Mouse

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  • Dolores DeLuise
    on Oct 6, 2016

    I live in a brownstone with 1' thick walls between houses. We had mice; they've been here more than 100 years. One day four or five of them were jumping up and down in the laundry hamper, trying to get out. Yuck. So, I had someone make holes in my walls, about 4" in diameter, put in D Con, and sealed up the hole with a plastic device we got at Home Depot. You insert it into the hole and it snaps shut and open. I change the D Con every time I see a mouse, about once every two years. It can be painted any color to match the walls. Additionally, I started seeing roaches once and called an exterminator, who couldn't make it for over a week. He said to pour high-strength vinegar into all the sinks and toilets, about a quart--use two quarts in high-roach areas. I do that about twice a year when I see roaches and they're all gone.

    , The back of the mechanism that sits on the inside of the wall There is a spring thing on it that keeps it in place, Brand Watts Industries, It can be painted to match the wall
  • Carey
    on May 17, 2017

    I had a major mouse infection and have been fighting it for years. My husband and I kept sealing up any holes we could find but they were still getting in and I was really frustrated. After he passed away, I found out how they were getting in. They were chewing a hole in the ceiling inside my Cabinets. Once I plugged those hotes, caught the mice that ere already in the house, I have had no further problem. I found 4 holes that they had chewed in the ceiling. I was beginning to think that I was going to have a steel wool and tape ceiling by the time I had it stopped! I also used the old fashioned mouse traps and found that they got wise to them. but by baiting them and leaving them unset, they got careless and I caught quite a few until they got suspicious again and I had to repeat that process! It worked!
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