I need ideas for repurposing tire rims (not the tires)

I have demo tire rims and want to do something creative with them rather than send them to salvage. They are new and shiny. One is blue, one is red, some are black, and some are silver.
q ideas for repurposing tire rims, crafts, repurposing upcycling
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jan 21, 2015
    Make ottomans! That's what one Hometalk member did: http://www.hometalk.com/4153260/repurpose-ottomans-tractor-tire-rim
  • Sue Sue on Jan 21, 2015
    also check pinterest for LOTS of additional ideas.
  • Sherry Fram Sherry Fram on Jan 21, 2015
    Stack them & put a glass top on for a table!
  • Lori Barber Lori Barber on Jan 21, 2015
    Great rim for a fire pit, especially the ones from big trucks.
  • Susan  M Jensen Susan M Jensen on Jan 21, 2015
    paint a design and put up on garage or a Shed.
  • Terri Goggin Terri Goggin on Jan 21, 2015
    Make a clock out of the rims and add neon lighting
  • Donna Van Donna Van on Jan 21, 2015
    depending if they are solid in the center or have spokes you could make a triangle wall and place hooks in the holes/spaces to hang things or nail them to the fence for added space for small plants
  • Jearetta Clayborn Jearetta Clayborn on Jan 21, 2015
    These are some of the rims I have.
  • Meleta Littlefield Meleta Littlefield on Jan 21, 2015
    Cut outside rims between spokes, paint different colors, add glue pic pipes after painting them green and put into flower bed or use as yard art.
  • Carrie Carrie on Jan 22, 2015
    Mount on side of house and rap your garden hose on it when your done with it for the day
  • Kate Kate on Jan 22, 2015
    I just saw a picture where the tire rim had been painted a dull, matte black and used on top of a dresser standing up as an interesting nick nac. It looked great. It was positioned on an angle.
  • Yvonne Day Aka Miss Ruby Yvonne Day Aka Miss Ruby on Jan 22, 2015
    Great man cave art that you can put a light behind.... that looks cool!
  • Joann Belcher Joann Belcher on Jan 22, 2015
    Make planters for the yard.
  • Pat Pat on Jan 22, 2015
    I glued tire rims together (3) and put a circle of wood on top. I antinqued the rims and stained the top. Used it for kitchen table for 15 years. Heavy duty. You could get some one to weld them together. From the side the rims looked great.
  • Jearetta Clayborn Jearetta Clayborn on Jan 22, 2015
    I am loving all the ideas and have a notebook and I am listing them.
  • Rosalie chow Rosalie chow on Jan 22, 2015
    You can leave them the way they are. Make a side table. Go to Home Depot to buy a table legs for them to stand. You can either put round wood or square/round glass on top. Then put a nice plant on top.
  • Sabrina Hadaway Sabrina Hadaway on Jan 22, 2015
    Make foot stools. Staple some fabric to a piece of wood cut to fit the rim, with a little padding in between & there ya go!
  • Karen Carter Karen Carter on Jan 22, 2015
    i am making a clock out of mine and ive also seen them painted that looks like a flower
  • Paula Pogue Paula Pogue on Jan 23, 2015
    attach lights that hang down kind of chandelier for man-cave or put them together side by side and rope light around them for above a pool table
  • Jerry Jerry on Jan 23, 2015
    you can combine the above ideas,attach a clock mechanism to the center hub put a glass top above that, add led lights inside or around you can use christmas lights. add legs to the bottom with a lower shelf for plants or books ,possibly use a second rim on the floor for a bottom shelf and run threaded rod from where the lug nuts go t use as legs then add some chrome lug nut covers to finish it off.oh yeah you can add a nice lamp to it while your at it
  • Joseph baldwin Joseph baldwin on Jan 23, 2015
    Stack and adhere together two or three and make patio, deck and or man cave stools. just add a cushion to top stool and some felt pads to bottom if using inside.
  • Jason Barona Jason Barona on Jan 23, 2015
    turn them into end tables, add a base and glass that is cut to fit inside the lip. or high bar tables with glass as well.
  • Melinda Melinda on Jan 23, 2015
    A water hose reel
  • Bobbie Long Bobbie Long on Jan 23, 2015
    trim away the outside circle and you will have what looks like a flower. Attach it to a rod and use it as yard art.
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