doors before floors?

apparently so......I learned this today the hard way. Got laminate floors installed in July, and THEN decided I wanted new interior doors. I love my doors, which were installed today, BUT, since the floors were installed first, I now have a gap or two where the new frame doesn't cover the flooring. I am posting this for someone questioning which order to do this in. The funny thing is, my coworker and I just had this discussion this summer because she was doing both at the same time.
I now have to call back the flooring installer and hope he can do something for me that doesn't involve pulling up the floor and recutting. (which will not happen as far as I am concerned.) I did go purchase a new threshold and something called Pergo Sealant, which I may have to resort to to fill the gaps.
old luan doors.
new wood 6 panel doors.
gaps where frame doesn't cover new flooring.

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